“Good morning..” A tall, black haired and very good looking man said, scratching his head and yawning. “What are you doing?”
“Spying..” A woman with golden blond, wavy hair said as she looked over her shoulder, her divine beauty was revealed.
“Oh?” The black haired man stepped lightly through the room and sat down next to the girl.
“You know the big boss doesn’t like you spying.” He said, looking at her with his deep brown eyes.
“Oh come on Jihan.. you know I can’t stop watching.. People are so much fun.” The girl pouted softly as she looked at the man next to her.
“I know Lixue.” He caressed the girls hair softly as he pulled her close. She snuggled closer as he wrapped her arms around her.
But about 5 minutes later, she got out of the loving embrace and started watching again. “Look!” she squeaked pointing down violently.
“Watch out.. you’re going to fall down if you don’t calm down.”
“I can fly you know. I’m older then you.” The girl pouted again and kissed her lover quickly.
Jihan sighed and asked “what was it that you saw?”
“Well.. look over there.” Jihan followed the pointing finger “You see that man? He’s secretly in love with… that girl.” Lixue moved her finger to another person.
“You aren’t interested?”
“I just don’t see the fun in watching humans…”
“Oh come on… it’s fun. Sooo much fun.”  

About a million miles down, the man, also known as Pravin, glanced at the girl searching for a book in the library of the college both of them were going. He had a secret crush on her from middle school, but she hadn’t noticed him at all.. her name was Haile. And she just stood out of the crowd with her  fiery red hair and bright green eyes. Her freckled face was always smiling, and from the first moment Pravin had seen her, he fell head over heals with this girl. He was a smart person, but his unrequited love was interfering with his studies. He sighed, pushed his glasses back and went on reading about computers. He was fascinated by these machines, but they couldn’t keep his attention long. He felt his eyes drift back to the girl. He was surprised when he saw that she was coming his way. Instantly he was blushing brightly, and when she spoke to him, he first didn’t hear it.
“Euhm? What did you say?” He pushed his glasses back and felt himself blush even more as he saw Haile’s smiling face looking down on him.
“I wondered if this seat was free?” She smiled even brighter. She was so lovely..
“Sure.” He heard his own voice trembling. He coughed softly.
“Thanks!” she sat down and opened one of her books.

“Lixue.. Don’t you dare to interfere!” Jihan said, but it didn’t really matter. Lixue was already speaking soft words, whispering what Pravin should say.
Jihan got up and walked away. There was no point in trying to get a conversation going now. She was busy, and he couldn’t do anything about it. 

“Euhm..” He looked at Haile and blushed even brighter then before.. If something was going to happen, now was the time. It was as if a little voice inside his head told him to take action, told him what to do even, but our boy was so far from his normal state of mind, that he wasn’t thinking at all. “What are you reading?”
Haile looked up and smiled softly. “I’m reading about medicine.. I have to learn..” she skipped through the book and then said “all of this..”
“That’s a lot..”
“Yeah it is.. what are you reading?”
“Euhm.. This..” Pravin showed her his book.
“Oh right.. I can’t even pronounce the title.” She giggled brightly. Pravin blushed and looked uncomfortably.
”yeah…” he said.. trying not to let the conversation dye because of his love for computers. Haile looked at him with her head tilted to one side a little. She smiled lovingly and said: “Say Pravin.. How come you always act funny when I’m around?”
“Uh..” He said.. Unable to say anything else.. “I.. uh.. You know my name?” He said finally when the silence was getting to much.
“Yeah of course. We’ve been in the same school since middle school.” She grinned. “Why won’t you ask me out?” she said softly, poking him softly.
“What would you say if we would have a drink?” He whispered with a tight voice. 

“Now you’ve done it Lixue..” Jihan said as he looked over the shoulder of Lixue. Lixue smiled softly and kissed her lovers cheek.
“They would have gotten together.. eventually.. I just speeded up their path.”
“Seriously Lixue.. Do you want to get us killed?”
“No? not really no.” She said looking innocent.
“Then stop it.” Jihan crossed his arms over his chest and looked angry.
“Ooh come on.. It’s just a little bit fun, it isn’t even interfering.. at all..”
“It.. is..” Jihan said. He shrugged and turned on his heals. She was always getting him into trouble.

“I love this place!” Haile said happily as two hot steaming cups of coffee were standing on the table. They were sitting on a bench in the corner of the shop
“I like this place to.” Pravin said. Saying that he knew she loved this place would just be wrong he thought.
“And this is my favourite taste!” Haile giggled and skipped a bit closer to Pravin. Pravin reacted by blushing. “You’re cute when you blush..” Haile said softly and kissed him quickly. Her own cheeks turned red for a second as well. Pravin was almost fainting by now with a happy feeling.
Haile sipped her coffee, and looked over the place. It wasn’t really busy today, and both of them should have been studying, but this was way more fun. Besides.. She had liked Pravin for such a long time, but he had always tried to get as far away as possible. Could it be he just was hopeless in love? Haile smiled softly as she looked next to her. Pravin had pushed his glasses back for about the 6th time in 10 minutes.. He was so nervous.

“Did you make them kiss?!” Jihan said angrily as he watched together with Lixue.
“For somebody who isn’t really interested in humans, you’re really sticking your nose into my business.”
“If the boss finds out that you have made them …”
“I didn’t. I like that girl. She did that all her self.” Lixue interrupted Jihan, making him even more angry.
“I’m just going to make them disappear. At least that gives us a chance to survive our bosses wrath!” Jihan started saying an incantation that could only be heard by other gods, and suddenly both Haile and Pravin disappeared.
“But!” Lixue said, but was to late…

“Where the hell are we?” Pravin said as both of them tried to get all the sand off there clothing.
“I have no idea.. I mean I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee with you, and now.. we’re in the middle of the desert?”
Suddenly a big shadow flew in the sky, making both of them look up.
“Whoa?!” Haile said.
“This can’t be..” Pravin whispered as both of them saw a mythical creature, flying calmly through the air. It turned it’s big hear and looked at them. Then it started going down.
When it landed, not so far from both of them, Pravin jumped in front of Haile, almost falling to the ground because of his clumsiness and being held up by Haile.
“Hi!” the rather strange dragon yelled as he got even closer.
“Hello!” Haile said happily.
Pravin looked at the girl behind him, who was still holding him up, and whispered “It’s going to eat us. Don’t be so nice to it.”
“I don’t like human flesh..” The dragon muttered.
“But you’re a dragon.”
“Correction.. I’m a drak. A water drak to be precise.”
Haile let go of Pravin, making him fall on his butt. “Oh! I’m sorry!” Haile said, trying to hide away her smile as she helped him up.
The water drak giggled, making it even harder for Haile not to laugh.
“Anywaysssh…” The drak said. “I like you Haile. Will you come to our castle and pair with a drak?”
“But what about Pravin?”
“Well he can go to another castle. There is one not so far from here.”
Pravin opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted by screaming, and then a big cloud of dust. Pravin muttered and took off his glasses to clean them again.
“I told you a thousand times! But nooo.. You wouldn’t listen!” When the dust cloud vanished slowly, a male and female became visible. The man was making big movements with his arms, and the girl was looking as if she had done something wrong, pouting and almost crying. When the guy saw that, he stopped, sighed and pulled her close.
Pravin, blessed with his glasses, could see the girl grinning as she was held by him. He again opened his mouth, but the water drak was quicker.
“Hey!” It said happily, wobbling towards both of the strange looking humans.
The man pulled away the girl, and looked daring at the drak. “What do you want Nishi?”
“Oh you know my name.”
“Of course.. before this, I could have done a lot more..” The girl sniffed softly making the guy’s anger slip away.
“As I was saying to those two… Will you all go to a castle?”
“Yeah!” Both Haile and the blond girl said, hitting the guy holding her.
“Sorry Jihan!” She blushed softly.. kissing him quickly.
“No problem Lixue..” he whispered, clearly angry.
“Where would you take us?” Pravin asked the drak
“I would take you to Savana Castle, Haile goes with me to Wo Yao Fei.. I think you Lixue are best going to Acicade Castle, and if you want to fly with me, I can always take you to Chindor castle.”
“Wonderful” Jihan sighed. “I just knew when I woke up this was going to be the most horrible day ever…”
With that said, all of them were dropped off at there castle.


At Acicade Castle
A patch of white and blue came lose from her mother's skin next. The baby wind flapped her wings to show off the delicate dark blue that so prettily contrasted with her bright white skin. She seemed to almost pose with every step she took and finally rested in front of Lixue.
"You're beautiful." she smiled, "And I love you."
"And what might your name be?" Lixue, the mysterious goddess asked.



At Chindor Castle
Paggenis looked at the two, shook her head and called out the next drakling: "Wallendisaw!" A little night drak entered the bright sunlight. It didn't take him long to decide who he wanted. He went directly towards Jihan. They didn't really talk to each other, they just accepted each other and went on with their lifes, together now.



At Savannah Castle
Last egg, and last aspirant were standing close to each other. The egg softly wobbled, revieling some cracks. Pravin softly sat next to it, waiting. He had waited on so many things. But this might have been a time to help faith a little. He softly tapped the egg, making one of the cracks larger, enough to let the drak break through and show his black and gold colours. Being a Night drak, he said softly "My name is Wonasu."


At Castle DesCas
Finally, when night was approaching, the doors to the Deep Cavern opened and Water Nishi led her 5 draklings out. They followed her in a neat line of awkward baby cute, with wingsails tangling and the odd tripping over their own feet but the small parade managed to reach the spectators without much trouble.
"You have been judged by ourss." Nishi spoke, "But it isz them that will do the final judging."
The first drakling stepped forward, a white and blue wind female with long limbs and a narrow muzzle that looked like it was just right to sniff out secrets found her way to Haile and said:
"I'm Rowyahi. Nisse to meet you."



Jihan is standing at Chindor Castle

Lixue is standing at Acicade Castle

Haile is standing at Castle DesCas

Pravin is standing at Savannah Castle