This is a list of all the Atcydia's ever adopted out. Their name, colour, bond and clutch is displayed along with a link. For easy updating I've made 10 flocks with a different colour you can go to. Each flock is led by a resident Atcydia.

Red Flame
Esgrid (m) Lanys (m) --
Vuno (m) Ethyst (m) Visit

Orange Moon
Effenra (f) Diona (f) --
Sage (f) Marion (f) Visit

Yellow Sun
Myrion (m) Zeni (f) --
Reigna (f) Arily (f) Visit
Dago (m) Wathyst (f) Visit
Mirao (m) Dumond (m) Visit
Chamue (m) Serge (m) Visit

Green Fields
Peril (m) Cerula (f) --
Cantei (m) Bluei (m) Visit
Arua (f) Duglas (m) Visit
Hirdass (m) Manu (m) Visit

Aqua Waters
Zinnix (f) Fred (f) --
Claren (m) Marion (f) Visit

Blue Rivers
Merin (m) Jon (m) --

Indigo Sky
Erianu (f) Aryan (f) --
Paris (m) Arily (f) Visit
Noctua (f) Wethyst (f) Visit
Valera (f) Jera (f) Visit

Purple Flowers
Erfyn (m) Serwyn (m) --
Zither (m) Dumond (m) Visit

Pink Fish
Ouanda (f) Sage (f) --
Evrei (f) Merel (f) Visit
Lithoon (m) Ssakssan (m) Visit
Cabara (f) Vrinde (f) Visit

Grey Light

White Pagain (m)