Name: Serge
Age: 18
Gender: male
Description: Serge is tall, handsome and sexy. And he knows he's every girl's dream. He takes good care of his body, trains regularly and applies sunscreen when needed. His blond hair is on the long side and wavy. He has brown eyes that could rival a puppy's. And yet somehow he's had it with love relationships for a while. Without the effort 'love' doesn't move his heart. But things change when he meets a woman that doesn't even give him a second look.


Wading into the shallow waters at the little closed-of space where the Atcydia eggs were gathered proved more nerve-racking than anything they'd experienced before in their lives. Jera, Serge, Manu and Vrinde had been studying at the center for a month before they'd been allowed to even be close to an egg. Today, just two months after their initial invitation, they were allowed to try and impress.
"Be sure to not drown." Serge laughed as the wary Manu tried to not think of the consequences this watery adventure could have for him.
Vrinde threw her slipper at Serge and was pleased to see it hit him straight in the face.
"Hey!" Jera called.
"Teach your boyfriend some manners, ok?" Vrinde shrugged.
"Aren't you going to defend me?" Serge asked after a short silence.
"She's got a point."
"The eggs...!" Manu called.
Indeed four of the eggs were shaking. Small disturbances in the water indicated the underwater hatchings of the Atcydia's. Soon the water was alive with colour. The rainbow streaks rushed through the water, heading to their chosen ones.
"Jera! My name is Valera!" an indigo female said.
"Vrinde! Vrinde! Come play with Cabara!" a pink female insisted.
"Should we really go play so soon, Manu?" A green male asked cautiously.
"I'm not certain, Hirdass."
"We definitely should, Serge! My name is Chamue!" a yellow male interjected.






Mate: Jera & Indigo Valera

Vrinde - Manu - Jera - Serge

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