Atcydia Bay

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Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Absorbing your voice
When you talk.
Standing by when you learn to walk.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Arily sat in the sun, enjoying it when her little drak Sky flew to her. She was exited about something. 'What's wrong Sky?' Arily was worried something had happened to her. Sky pulled her clothes to make clear that she needed to follow her. So Arily ran after Sky. She flew really fast and she dived at regular times to see if Arily was still following her.
Sky flew in the house of Gelana. Arily didn't see the Saharels of her on there usual place. Normally they would sit in the sun, but now they were inside.
'Gelena? Do you know what is going on?'
'Not at all Arily.. Tiger and Love slithered inside and they crawled on my shoulder. They seem exited about something.'
They couldn't say more, because Sky flew outside again. 'We have to follow her Gelena...'
They ran after Sky, Gelena holding on to her Saharels. The could easily fall off In there excitement.
Then they saw Merel. She came out of her house. Strawberry and Cream behind her and Jummy in front of her, waiting for Sky and her followers. 'Do you know why the have woke me up?' Merel looked tired, and you could see that she had just put on some clothes.
'No.. Sky wanted me to follow her and then Gelena too.. Are you coming Merel?' Merel didn't run at first, but they were to fast and if she didn't run, she would have lost them. So now the were running, in front there was Sky, flying impatiently; Jummy, strawberry and Cream running really fast and then Arily, Gelena still holding Love and Tiger and at last Merel, still not very happy that they woke her up.
Jummy entered the house of Marion. She was, as usual, building something new.. She felt the strokes of the little head of Explody. She looked down and tried to pick her up, but she ran outside. Marion followed her and there she saw her friends. 'Hallo!' Marion waved at them. Then she noticed that they were running right at her. 'STOP!' She yelled, but it was to late. Merel, who had run fast to be in front of the parade bumped into her. 'Sorry Marion...' She said getting up.
'Why are you all so exited?' Marion asked looking at Merel.
'Our pets guided us to you...'
'Not to Marion.. We need to go further..' Arily said. Pointing at Sky and the others. There pets didn't listen, so the followed them to the harbour. All pets pushed there master on the boat and then Sky noticed Demon. Sky made a scared squeak and landed on Aryli's shoulder. 'What's wrong Sky... Oh you...'
'I should say the same.. Why all the noise?' It was Enae, wait, it was Nightwish. She would probably kill you if you said Enea.
'Our pets are exited about something.' Merel said as evil as she could. It didn't really work.
'Just keep them away from me and Demon Ok?'
The turned there backs to her and they went to sit on the other side of the boat.
'Excuse me sir? Where are we going?' It was Marion who asked.
'Don't you know? We're going to Gineya Isle.'
'Gineya Isle?'
'Yes, a place where you can adopt dragons or something like that. Didn't got the chance to look myself..' He went away.

When they arrived at Gineya Isle, they saw that there pets were even more exited that before. They followed them and they saw that Demon was flying next to Sky. Normally they didn't get along, but now they were a team. Arily looked beside her and saw Nightwish running next to her. She decided not to ask something to Nightwish.. It would probably be nothing that she would hear from her...

They entered a beautiful cave and there was a girl sitting there. 'Be still now Sky..' Arily said. It was a quiet place. So Arily thought that they would disturb everything with the noise they were making. Sky landed on her shoulder and together they went to the girl.
The other pets went to there master too and they followed Arily. Nightwish walked beside Arily. The rest behind them.
'We have to many eggs for the persons here...' The girl said to herself. Her hands were in her hair. She was frustrated.
'Can we be of any help?' Asked Arily.
The girl looked up and you could see that the worry flew away at the site of the 5 girls. They were all catching there breath of the running and there pets seemed to be calm again.
'Yes, You all are angels you know!' She guided them to the other side of the cave. 'Stand here and wait till the eggs hatch. I will tell you more after the hatching, but now there is no time.' The girl went away leaving 5 girls standing in the middle of a lot of eggs. They looked around wondering what was going to happen next.

Merel was the first to wonder around at the eggs. It looked like she was drawn to one egg. As she got near it, it popped open revealing a silky pink female.
Hey guys! I got a pink!' she shouted, looking very pleased.
'Great Merel!' Arily was happy for Merel.
Erianu snorted to get the attention, looked at her daughter and said: "Evrei." The little pink happily danced around her new bond, jumping in excitement, telling her all the things she had planned while she had been in her egg.
The second girl to impress was Arily.
"What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." It seemed right to say it out loud.
The egg in front of her cracked. To everyone's astonishment, and to Erianu's pleasure the egg revealed two very small babies. One was the colour of the night sky, as dark and loving as his mother. The other was a bright yellow female, the colour of the sun sparkling in her hide. She was even brighter than her father. Arily looked at the two babies. She couldn't believe that she had bonded two sweeties. She was very happy with them too.
"Paris." Erianu nodded to the Indigo.
"Reigna." she called at her daughter, who had almost left without waiting for her name.
Before the three left completely Erianu caught some thoughts about Summer fields, filled with small flowers... but also about how it would feel to be there at night. Erianu smiled. An unusual couple, but they would do ok.
Only 3 eggs remained and the three remaining girls became more confident. Both girls who had been standing near the entrance had gone further in. Gelena was pulled to one of the eggs. It was a small egg. But she wouldn't need more. Gelena bowed down and softly touched the egg. She let her fingers go all around it. But still the egg laid still. As if it was waiting for something. She bowed down further, covering the egg with her body, the lizards standing beside her. She felt the need to protect the little egg. Somehow she felt scared for it to get hurt. Gelena gave it a soft kiss and it cracked. She could see a tiny nose coming out of it's egg. Gelena looked at the dark, small Atcydia.
She smiled and waited for the mother to name her hatchling.
"Sharayn." the mother said.
As Marion looked at Gelena, she felt that she was drawn to another egg. Her Vulpa's felt it too and started to run toward it. 
The big egg that was their goal had been carefully laid on a bed of seaweed. The water softly curled around it. When Marion got close enough it burst, revealing another two atcydia's.
One was aqua, giving short musical chirps with it's low male voice while the other, an orange female waited, listening to her brother. She looked around, eyes glowing with delight at all she saw.
"Sage and Claren." Erianu said, indicating first the orange and then the aqua.
At last only Nightwish remained. She moved casually through the shells until she spotted the last egg. The egg lay silent, neither wobbling nor cracking. This egg too waited, like she herself had done. Checking out what was out there. Nightwish felt the power of it's evilness, and liked it already.
Suddenly however it made a decision and burst open.
The white that came out had a cunning air around him. He roared at the small winged creature flying above him. The creature chirped back as if it was insulted.
"Pagain." Erianu called her last son.

Arily was looking at her two atcidia's. They were now swimming. Arily had some peace. Sky landed on her shoulder. SHe rubbed her little head. 'We don't have much time together.. Now that those two are growing.. Are we..' Sky shurped a little sad tone. Arily felt guilty. But she knew that Sky understood what was going on. 'Paris! Reigna! Come here you two!' She smiled as she saw the two atcidia's swimming to her as fast as they could. She would kill someone for some good night sleep. Paris looked at her. 'No, no, we aren't going to kill anybody..' Paris went on with what he was doing.
Reigna loved to swim and was energetic all day. While Paris became awake at the evenings. She could sleep when they were fed and were sleepy themself. What didn't happen very ofthen now they were almost fully grown. But she loved the two atcidia's and she wouldn't have got them when she wasn't capable of handling two growing Atcidia's.
She went back to her little home. And when she walked near the sea, she saw a pink glimps of Evrei. 'Go find Merel Sky.' Arily said. Sky flew off and it didn't take long till Sky came back and pulled Arily to Merel. 'Hey!!!' Merel was her happy self, as always.
'Hey merel! How are you today?'
'Great!' Arily said that her two could swim with Evrei. They loved it and went as fast as they could to the sea.
Merel was still for a moment and looked at Evrei. Those two were just as one. While she was going walking with one of her Atcidia's, she could hear them partying.
'Do you ever stop partying?' Arily asked
'Never! Merel laughed so hard that Evrei came on land and gave a strange look at Merel. 'No Evrei.. I'm not partying without you.' Merel said to her Atcidia. It was now secure and went back in the water.
'Boe!' It was Marion who came to stand with them. 'Hey Marion!' they said at the same time.
'Claren convinced Sage to go for a swim. And I followed them' Marion smiled as she saw her two atcidia's go in the water.
'It's been a while when we were together...' Arily said.
'Where is Gelena?' Asked Merel.
'She's probably at home.. She never comes out since Sharayn and Gelena got together...' Marion said.
'Why won't we go and have a blast?' Merel asked. The tree girls agreed and went to Gelena.

'They are gone...' A soft whisper said. And the next moment a white atcidia entered the water. 'You do understand my sweet Pagain that I didn't want to talk to them.'
Pagain made a sound that agreed with Nightwish. When Pagain was in the water, Demon landed on her shoulder.
'Hey little Demon..' Nightwish said, while Demon rubed his face against her cheek. He didn't want to come near Pagain.. She didn't know why, they should have to get along great...

'Gelena?!' Merel yelled. There was no answer. Merel went in the house and she hadn't found anything when she got back.
'Where could she be?' Marion asked.
'I have no idea...' Arily said. 'Maybe we should look near the sea.'
The went to the sea and all went in it, with great joy of the Atcidia's. Now they could play with there mates. Sky came near Arily and went in a direction. Arily followed her blindly and when she looked at the cost, she saw tigger. The other saw him too and then they saw Gelena. She was waving at them. She ran into the water and swam to them.
'Hey you guys!' she smiled.
'How is Sharayn?'
Gelena pointed at her atcidia. She was swimming with the other. 'I have been helping her to get over her shy nature... Although it isn't all gone. But I don't want to change her.'
'Your good then!' The atcidia's were all playing happily and when they noticed that all the girls were looking at them, they swam to them and played with them. They all laughed and stayed there till the early morning the next day.

'Look at them...' Nightwish said. 'Be calm Pagain... We will get our chance!' She laughed very evil. And Pagains eyes glinstered in the upcoming sun

5 years has passed since they came to Gineya. Now some of the members of the group were planning a fieldtrip. Merel had come up with the idea. She wanted to go away with the atcidia's so that they could party somewhere else... But Marion and Arily couldn't come because they had entered something else. Gelena went with Merel; after Merel had convinced her and Sharayn.
They left one fine morning after a lot of hugging and saying goodbye. Merel and her pink Evrei left screaming with fun, while Gelana was quet when she had to leave her two Saharels. 'Take good care of them!' She had said to Arily. Gelana knew that they were safe with her; but it was still hard..
'Come Gelana! We're going to have fun! I just know it, I can feel it with my nose!' Merel went even quicker.
After a while Gelana started to enjoy the time alone with Sharayn. She could even laugh at the jokes of Merel.

It took them several days before they saw land.
'We can rest there..' Gelana said.
'That's a good idea. Maybe we get something to drink too... It seems there is a party going on..' Merel said. Gelana saw the grin on Merels face.
'What is that?' Merel asked.
'That's Pagain!' You could here that Evrei didn't like that.
'Oh dear...' Gelana and Sharayn said.
'We can't do anything about it... We all need a rest..' Merel said. 'We can outrun her if we want to..'

When they came at the beach they heard Pagain yell for Nightwish. they wanted to get away before Nightwish could come.. But too late..
'Are you following me now?!' Nightwish wasn't happy. 'I was here first. Go away.'
'No!' Merel said. 'We won't. You don't have the right to clame this isle...'
'Ohhhh do you think so?'
Merel was about to say something when a man came to them. Running and waving his arms high in the air.
'Come my aspirants!! Come quick! There is a hatching! THEY are hatching!'
They were pulled by there arms to the place where there was a hatching. Everybody came running to the same place. Some dragons were there too. They all looked at the eggs who were wobbling very hard.

One egg cracked as the last of the dragons were bonding. Two more dragons came out. One Orange male and One Cranberry female went to the three girls Lucas had picked up on the beach.
"Merel, My name is Juice." said the Orange, "What's an Atcydia and is it big?"
"Gelena! My name is Lihn." said the Cranberry, "Will they crush us?"
"They are quite big," Merel said, "But they won't crush you if you keep flying." continued Gelena.

Half of the eggs had hatched now and almost everyone had a dragon to tend to already. Only Nightwish, the remaining of the three girls was left alone. Was that all? No that wasn't all. On the ceiling still hung the small upside down batwinged Scorpion. It wasn't their alone, but human eyes didn't spot him, nor did dragon's care to tell their riders of the Spirit of Halloween hanging in the cave.
From nowhere a whisper -or was it the wind?- sounded through the cave, a soft humorless laugh that gave everyone in the room a chill. The pitch black female wasn't impressed at all. She revered only one person in the entire room and that was Nightwish.
"My name is Fuel, Kerosine Fuel and I will make one explosive cocktail when mixed right." she said.
"I'll alert Pagain and Demon to get the fire extinguishers ready and working." Nightwish remarked dryly.
Two more eggs hatched, and then another, but since the shadow hadn't lifted these 4 dragons were also darker, though none as dark as the Kerosine.
The other two, a very odd looking couple, approached Nightwish. The female, a white-grey patterned dragon that could only be described as a Short Fuse pushed away her small black-red-orange-yellow sibling and anounced her name was Darla.
The Fire, not very happy to be pushed away interrupted her:
"I'm Lucid and I'm far better than her! Don't nobody forget about that!"
A dragon cried for attention as he didn't like to have hatched unnoticed. Another hyperactiv Lemon dashed over the sands on a collision course Gelena.
"Protect me!" it screamed as a rather irritated Fuse Darla came up behind him pulling Lucid's tail, which made him flame. Like an experienced flamethrower she used her brother to blast the annoying Lemon. But Gelena was fast as she had seen it coming -Nightwish always meant trouble. She carried the Lemon who had named himself Sitru to the food tables where her cranberry was still stuffing herself.
Two more eggs shook violently and bumped into eachother, adding a helping hand to the dragons within. Four startled dragons fell to the sand and got up, screaming and twittering of astonishment. The small green Pisang Ambon soon found shelter with Merel.
"I wasn't ready yet." she sobbed about missing a great entrance.
"Don't worry Indra. I was here wasn't I?"
The lemon looked sad and threw away the strands of hair as fast as he could. In doing so he also knocked over a glass filled with fruit juice that spilled over some eggs. Those immediatly hatched and a new wave of 7 hatchlings emerged out of 4 eggs. All of the dragonets went into another direction, and impressed almost simultaneously.
"I'm Cherry Termy! Can we go play in the sea later?" it sounded in Gelena's ears while Monique was busy feeding a small Ice female by the name of Splint.
The two males, not impressed, made for their candidates in a more traditional fassion. The Orange, an outgoing, easygoing chap soon found his bond in Gelena and announced his name was Perin.

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