Ghostwing Secret Clutch
Welcome to the Secret Ghostwing Clutch. On this page you can find a new breed of ghostwings (using different images) with slightly more complex colours. These were first made for Fairlight's Mist and Knux' Kal'Raith. We ended up liking these images so much we just couldn't deny people to adopt them ^_^
I hope you'll enjoy these pretties and as ever, if you want a special colouration, just e-mail us an adoption form (the regular kind even though it's for dragons)

Nightblood Ghostwings are a deep shade of red with dark, almost black shading that gives them a soft burgundy look. Their hair is a mix of bright red and burgundy.

Firewing Ghostwings are bright orange in hue, with yellow and soft red flashes of colour in their wings that give them a fiery look. Their hair is dark orange with lighter patches completing the illusion.

Sunspot Ghostwings are yellow with whiter shading that look like a personification of a summer day. With their brighter hair, they have the feel of careless joy and innocence.

Foliage Ghostwings are coloured the bright green of Summer's rich foliage. Their darker hair contrasts beautifully with their lighter skin, giving them just that extra little je-ne-sais-quoi. 

Aquatica Ghostwings are a blend of aqua-blue and forest-green in colouring. Swirls of these colours run all across their body and are even present in their hair, giving them the illusion as if they were seen through a barrier of water.

Hazen Ghostwings are a pale blue in colour, white at times with small specks of luminescence shining through. They have blue hair to compliment their light skin that fades away easily in morning fog.

Midnight Leaves Ghostwings are a muted indigo in colour, with the impression of fallen leaves on their hide. When they fly those patterns seem to move, like real leaves falling in the moonlight. Their hair is richer in colour, with lighter accents.

Tigrovia Ghostwings are of a purple hue, with dark and light alternating in a faint stripe-pattern that gave them their named: Tigered Violas, latere shortened to Tigrovia. Their hair is darker, with patches of bright purple.

Painted Sky Ghostwings are bright pink in colour with faint swirls of yellow, orange and purple ever changing in the light. Their hair has these same colours in a brighter hue, like the colours of sunset. 

Opaline Ghostwings are marbled white creatures, with transparent wings in fragile colours ranging from purple, to blue, purple and yellow. Their hair shows a distinct purple colour, so faded it's almost grey.

Silver Cliff Ghostwings are void of colour, but have such a multitude of different greys on their hide that they are capable of vanishing almost instantaneous when flying before a mountain wall.

Night Ghostwings are black-hued ghostwings that are seldom seen during the day. They fly out at night, their tails looking like a distant aurora borealis to the untrained eye.