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Name: Viryes
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Status: Slave (Sacrifice)

Description: Viryes is a slight girl, stunted as she didn't get enough to grow into her full potential. She has blond hair that hangs to the small of her back and is usually unkempt. She has brown eyes, a button nose and thin lips. Living in poverty means her clothes are patched and stitched together from remnants and rags. 
Personality: Viryes is used to keeping to the shadows. She stays close to the walls and tries to be invisible. She has learned to survive by being overlooked and that tactic has worked so far. She does have a caring side and is sad to see people suffer. She knows however that speaking up would only cause herself trouble so she keeps quiet and lives on.
Short Bio: Viryes was born and almost immediately lost her mother. She has never known her father. She was entrusted to one of the bordellos in the slums and raised to become a hooker. Sadly she didn't develop assets people found attractive while growing up and she has since been derailed to cleaning aid and gofer. A change that she doesn't mind in the slightest. 

Pets: Viryes seems to attract spiders. She takes good care of her arachnid friends and they would do a lot for her. She could command them due to innate powers that she's yet to realise she possesses, but that isn't in her personality and because of that they follow her freely. 
Bond: ??? from Arx Infusco (Niduses of Aleph)







Lantessama Isle