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Name: Ulfir
Age: 17
Gender: Male 
Status: Slave (Sacrifice)

Description: Ulfir is small and scrawny with short brown hair and clear blue eyes. He has a wide nose and thin lips. He often seems a bit out of sorts and is generally regarded as an idiot who wouldn't be able to do a worthy job (even as a slave). He wears rags below his apron and is usually the last one to receive a garment before it is cast away.
Personality: Ulfir is a dreamer. He knows he's a slave but somewhere in his mind he doesn't believe this will always be the case. He dreams of finding his destiny, of being recognised for his own powers and leaving the slums behind. He has yet to discover his powers though. Since he is usually dreaming and this behaviour couldn't be slapped out of him he is often left with the worst and most tedious jobs. Ulfir doesn't mind as they usually don't require a lot of active thinking.
Short Bio: Ulfir was born as the 5th child in a poor family. He was expected to start working from a young age. His parents have since passed on as people in the slums don't grow old. His siblings are alive and some of them occasionally hand out something extra to him, but he's mostly left to fend for himself. 

Pets: --
Bond: ??? from Arx Infusco (Niduses of Aleph)







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