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Name: Juvia
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf
Class: Druid

Description: Juvia is tall and slender with hardly any curves. She has a long, oval face, with high forehead, pointy ears, a straight nose and brown eyes. Her dark hair hangs down to her shoulder and she usually doesn't bother to braid or tie it. Juvia dresses in layers, mixing and matching by way of temperature.
Personality: Juvia is practical and curious. She is interested in just about anything she sees and diligent in her research. Her mind forms schedules and plans, she draws up charts and takes ample notes and at the end she forms a conclusion and moves on to the next thing that catches her interest. She is quite friendly but tends to focus on her research, often missing that people are talking to her. 
Skills: Has a way with plants due to her class and is very sensitive to changes in nature.
Enjoys: Herbs and Minerals.
Dislikes: Enigmas.
Pet: Amber-Red Kama (f), a Padiren from Clan Akelara


Juvia watched as the first petals of a flower opened and noted down the order in which they bloomed. A quick sketch completed her journal entry and she felt satisfied to have added to her research. She'd taken samples from the leaves and flowers to dry and would also take a sprout since it would take too long to stay to get seeds. Her backpack was filled with samples. Vials and magical jars with plants, rocks and bugs, jangled when she got up. Her pack was heavy so she'd need to return home soon. But maybe she had time for one last project...
Juvia stopped thinking as her subconscious picked up an unusual stirring nearby. It was as if the wind held it's breath. Slowly she turned her head and saw it. A Padiren! She had heard the locals talk about the winged creatures. They had assured her the Padiren could be tamed and trained but none were at the village since they served little purpose aside from being pets.
Intrigued, Juvia stretched out her hand and the Padiren came closer. Juvia made mental notes about the amber glow of it's hide and the red-tinged front limbs that seemed a lot like baby pigeon wings at the moment. She figured this might be a baby then as the adults were said to have feathered wings. 
"Hello there." Juvia said calmly, "Can I pet you?"
The Padiren cocked her head and then decided she did want pets, or maybe food as the little amber animal nudged past Juvia's hand and seemed to be intent to get into her backpack. Juvia picked up the Padiren and told her:
"No, those are important."
She opened her other bag and pulled out a selection of dried fruit, cured meat and pickled vegetables. She offered them to the Padiren and watched as it sniffled at all options before settling for the fruit.
"Do you want to come home with me?" Juvia asked.
The Padiren snuggled closer and tried to get into her pack again.
"I guess you are. Let's call you Kama." 


Juvia was at it again. She had returned home with Kama, had compiled some papers, planted some samples and basically handed out interesting bits to friends who were into research too and had promised to keep her posted on the research. In the blink of an eye a year had gone by and the itch to travel crept up to Juvia. 
Kama who now had impressive red feathered wings but was still as cuddly -when food was near - seemed to be as agitated as Juvia was. Maybe her feelings were rubbing of on the animal but either way, the both of them would need to get out sooner rather than later. But with winter nearly at it's peak, going out to observe plants really wasn't all that tempting. 
"If only I could go somewhere interesting for the next couple of months." Juvia told Kama, "any place would do."
One of her friends caught her rambling to herself and said: "There's an invite to go to the Kshau Protectorate for the Winter Festivities there. Supposedly they go all out."
Juvia looked at the colourful banner featuring several people of unusual colouration and build. They did seem exotic. And the pamphlet did make the Dragonry sound warm and inviting. Maybe it would be just the thing to get her out of her funk and ready to come back home for spring.
"I'll go!" she told everyone who wanted to hear it and went to pack. 

Juvia basked in the alien atmosphere of the Kshau Protectorate. They were on a planet called Alskyr, which was a vast expanse of water with wispy islands. There were all kinds of new, exciting life forms both fauna and flora. And Juvia felt like her eyes were about to fall from their sockets with all the interesting things she was seeing. 
Luckily, Juvia was mostly left to her own devices. She only needed to be at certain functions and gatherings as part of the festivities but they were fun too with all the different races of people attending. Kama was a source of wonder and many people came to ask her about the little Padiren while they often showed off their own exotic pets. 
"Winter Gather visitors, please make your way to the sands." a broadcast sounded.
"What's going to happen now? There wasn't anything on the schedule?" Juvia said.
"Oh, it's the surprise hatching." another attendee told her, "If we get lucky one of the hatchlings will seek us out to bond."
"Isn't that a big thing?" Juvia asked feeling a bit apprehensive. This was a bit more than she'd bargained for.
"The dragons of this clutch don't need to bond so it's unlikely they'll choose us anyway. But it will be a sight to see all those little dragons emerge into the world. The parents are really special so I'm curious as to what their offspring will look like."
Curious despite her worries, Juvia followed the others. People gathered in a loose circle around the eggs and watched as several who had been rocking cracked and fell apart. Small feathery dragons fell out. They seemed to glow. They had antlers and fur and so many wings that Juvia had difficulty counting them. One of them in particular drew her attention, a bright redn orange and brown dragoness who seemed to glow with a green light as if she was a luminescent moss. 
"Do you think I'm pretty?" the hatchling asked her, clearly having picked up her thoughts.
"Luminescent moss is one of the most beautiful things in the world." Juvia replied honestly. 
She had once visited a cave and as she had extinguished her light, the moss around her had glowed with such beauty that it had taken her breath away. She looked into the eyes of the little dragon that, also green, seemed to sparkle with an inner light. Bright and wonderful just as that time in the cave had been.
"My name is Nolach'tach Houtalli, but you may call me Nola." the dragoness introduced herself formally as a bond clicked into place.

Nola bonded at The Kshau Protectorate

Name: Nolach'tach Houtalli (vietnamese, crackle)
Gender: Female
Species: Deerdragon Fireling Hybrid
Parents: Vid'amalom Houten and Criao Chxalli
: Nola has evergreen-coloured eyes and a red metallic-base hide with brown stripes. Her belly and hooves are black while her claws and horns are grey. Her furry trim is fire orange-red and seems to crackle. Nola's wings, of which she has quite a few, have an evergreen glow but are orange-red in colour. Her outer feathers are bright buckskin while her under feathers are a darker bark brown. 
Size: 6'11" shoulder

Personality: Nola is as lively as her name implies. She is energetic and twitchy, loving to bring a spark of life and cheer to those around her. Need a party? Ask Nola to get things started and you'll soon be having fun. Nola does have a brake on her cheeriness. Too much crackle can be dangerous so she knows when to hold back. 
     * Verbal speech but hardly any of the group speak aloud 
     * Multiple Lives (revives) - strength 6: very strong
     * Bilocation / Planeshifting - strength 5: strong
     * Dream Control  - strength 5: strong
     * Local and Nexus Teleports - strength 4: medium
     * Fire Control - strength 4: medium
     * Telepathy - strength 4: medium
     * Telekinetics - strength 4: medium
     * Cheer - strength 4: medium
Note: Carries other powers common to parents but they are less obvious and will pass less strongly/commonly


Returning home with a hatchling in tow had been special but since Juvia had a wandering nature, it wasn't like Nola had to have housing made near the settlement Juvia called her home base. As Nola grew, travelling became increasingly easy and having her cheerful companion around proved very useful when talking to people during her research journeys. 
"What are you thinking about?" Nola asked.
"How happy I am that I met you." Juvia replied truthfully.
"I do make things easier for you." Nola replied smugly.
"That you do, but it's more." Juvia laughed.
The red dragoness suddenly turned serious, something she seemed to do on occasion.
"Something wrong?" Juvia asked.
"Winter is coming." Nola said, "I feel like I might need to visit home for the gather."
"Back to Alskyr?"
"No, the herd travels, but I always know where they are. I think they're calling to me to join them."
"Oh, where are we headed?"
Nola felt relieved that her bond had agreed so readily. She feared she might have to remain at one locale for a while since the distinct impression she got was that of a mating call. The thrill of it warmed her blood and she knew such gatherings occurred only sparingly.
"Syl Neriss." she said, "I've never been, but apparently it needs our presence."

Lantessama Isle
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