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Name: ??
Introduces self as: Umbra (shadow)
Species: ?? (Genie? Spirit? Anyone's guess)
Age: ?? (Ancient)
Gender: Non Binary (appears as they wish to be, don't mind to being addressed as either gender)

Appearance: Umbra presents themselves as a black-skinned individual of respectable age. Their appearance is very much linked to the eye of their beholder. Currently they present as a female with red lips, red pupils and long white hair that is done up in intricate braids. Umbra usually presents as strong and muscled but not overly tall. They emanate an air of strength and calm, having a soothing influence on those they share themselves with.
Personality: Umbra has slept for a long time, hidden away in the fortress and they are ready for adventure and excitement. They are quite friendly and eager to help, maybe a bit too eager, often giving unnecessary advice or being a bit overbearing and matronly. They like to meddle and give their two cents on everything in sight. 
Short Bio: Umbra just exists. They have no recollection of being born nor made. They do know that they have been hidden away for a long time, sleeping and dreaming of being found and returning to the world.
Skills & Hobbies: Umbra can do whatever they want, but only when ordered to do so. They have no real hobbies as they sleep while their master is away. But Umbra does enjoy talking and they are a busybody and something of a matchmaker. 

Pets: --
Bond: ?? from Xanadu Weyrhold





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Lantessama Isle
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