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Name: Beate
Species: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Appearance: Beate is small and thin, scrawny most people would call her. She has unruly Venetian blonde hair, almond shaped eyes below expressive eyebrows and sea-green pupils. She has fair skin. Beate grows cold easily and usually wears furs of some kind. Gloves and scarves take up quite a bit of her closet space. 
Personality: Beate is determined. She has a stubborn streak that is much larger than her short stature and she is used to getting her way. She isn't prone to anger, if people rub her the wrong way she'll just leave them and go her own way. She is someone who does not take advice and will try to find her own solutions for trouble that arrives on her path. 
Short Bio: Beate has always loved the stories her parents told her about the nearby fortress. So it's probably not a big surprise that she has wanted to explore the ancient ruins since she was old enough to form plans. Her parents aren't happy with her adventures but so far Beate has always returned home.
Skills & Hobbies: Handy with shield and spear and of course can fit into places most others would not. Beate loves exploring and is far from done.  

Pets: --
Bond: ?? from Xanadu Weyrhold





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Lantessama Isle
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