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Name: Témoin
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Appearance: Témoin has a dark brown skin, sleek black hair he keeps short, a wide nose and a by comparison small mouth. His grey eyes look worriedly into the world and the bags under his eyes give him a tired look. He is of normal build, a bit on the heavier side. Témoin usually wears simple clothes of neutral colour.
Personality: Témoin is friendly and likes to be among company. He doesn't talk much though and is usually content to listen to his friends' stories. He has a hard time making decisions and has been known to take his time choosing between two or three options. He is a realist and humble because of his upbringing.
Short Bio: Témoin was born to a couple serving as staff in the palace. He grew up in the rich surroundings but with the knowledge that he'd never be more than a servant. He listened in on the lessons that the princess got and hopes to find a place for himself within the royal household. His private dream however is to have a career as a writer. 
Skills & Hobbies: Témoin's sole pleasure is writing stories for children.

Pets: Raises pigeons at home.
Bond: Light Court Bronze Iwith (m) from The Empyrean Stair (Court Clutch)


The candidates were led into the Sands. Dragons and humans numbered about equal portions but the dragons seemed to be clustered together. Rumours were that it was to buffer members of a death court. The name sounded ominously enough to make Témoin stay as far away from them as possible. 
Eggs were clustered around their mothers and a foster mother called Brigid. While the eggs that Brigid had coiled herself around seemed unmoving - or perhaps...contemplative - those natural-born alongside their mothers seemed to grow more eager, and thus, were the first to start shaking. A strange, momentary sensation washed over the sands, like listening. Watching. Clearly coming from the unmoving eggs - as they seemed to observe what their clutchmates would do on instinct alone, before they applied their own knowledge. After all, experiencing a thing was different from observing a thing.
It seemed like dozens of dragons had hatched and bonded already. Témoin noticed that both premier and Régalle had bonded. Even the the small peach dragoness and the white-grey bird dragon had impressed a dragon. There were still plenty of hatchlings roaming around though and he wanted to be optimistic. And then it was there, a voice that spoke in his mind.
“I don’t know if you meant to be here, what with all that I’ve been listening to - but I’m pleased that you are. You are just right for me, I can tell.” The Light Court bronze sounded brightly at Témoin, trotting up next to him. “Iwith is my name. Will you tell me stories?”

Name: Iwith
Court: Light
Gender: Male
Coloration: Bronze
Personality: Whimsical, Motivated

*Verbal Speech
*Fire Breath
*Fire Balls
*Genetic Memory: The dragon possesses very clear memories, inherited from its ancestors, within its genetics, not unlike a library or database. How far back these can be traced varies by the individual and their Court heritage. (passes on when bred with others having the same ability, diluted and only to direct descendants when not)
*Trance: The means by which the dragon can access their inherited memories, falling into a meditative state while reviewing their catalogue of relevant experiences. Having this state disrupted causes no harm, but may leave the dragon slightly disoriented, or with an unpleasant headache. Reviewing memories occurs in an accelerated state, not unlike dreaming, allowing the dragon to review days or weeks of continuous memory within just a few minutes. (passes on when bred with others having the same ability, diluted and only to direct descendants when not)


Régalle looked out over the familiar vista that the palace balconies offered. She'd been gone for a couple of years but no time had passed at Gryzeh. Yet she'd had ample time to think of what to do. She'd talked to Premier and had promised him to make the country better. He must have trusted her since he'd declined on returning home with them. 
Next to the new queen, Témoin stood, a step behind her. He still felt a bit uncomfortable in his new position of consort. He'd never imagined this would be the place for him in the palace. It all felt a bit unreal. He just smiled and hoped no-one would ask him questions or notice him. The two dragons flanking them probably aided that cause. 
Régalle's Amideth with her bright, sparkling purple hide and Témoin's own pale bronze Iwith towered above them and would discourage people with bad intentions. For effect, Iwith conjured a little fireball and then extinguished it. Amideth rolled her eyes but had to admit her mate's display would not be without effect. 
Down below hundreds of people cheered as she announced she would be queen. Her speech was eloquent and to the point. She hoped it would be well received, but by the cheers she received afterwards, she was hopeful. Her real work would start tomorrow. But tonight, tonight she would have fun.
"Want to go flying tonight?" she thought to Amideth?
"Of course." Amideth winked, "Let's invite the boys."
"I wouldn't let you go without me." Iwith butted in.
"Go where?" Témoin asked.
"The mountains for privacy." Régalle whispered with a wink.

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