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Name: Régalle of Gryzeh
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Appearance: Régalle has dark chocolate skin with long black hair, a wide nose and generous mouth; her eyes are bright amber and have a very gentle gaze. The set of her eyebrows usually gives her a somewhat melancholic look. She is small for a woman with a slight built and sinewy limbs. Most people wouldn't judge her to be older than 16.
Personality: Régalle was raised to be quiet and soft-spoken. To be more of a supportive character than a ruler. Her parents expected her to find a good husband to take over the rule of the kingdom. Régalle has a clear opinion on how the kingdom should be run and she tries to do right by everyone. However that is an impossible task, which will cause her much stress and anguish.
Short Bio: Régalle was born to king Roy and Queen Gina of Gryzeh and remained their only child. She was educated by the finest statesmen, scientists and thinkers. Growing up she was groomed to be the consort to the future king but she somehow managed to find reasonable fault with all prospective suitors and has remained single until today. Régalle isn't exactly adverse to marrying, but she'll be the queen of Gryzeh.
Skills & Hobbies: Good upbringing, polite conversation. For fun Régalle enjoys dancing.

Pets: --
Sponsor: Aruru Muttutu Amaria (n)
Bond: Opal Court Radiant Purple Amideth (f) from The Empyrean Stair (Court Clutch)


The candidates were led into the Sands. Dragons and humans numbered about equal portions but the dragons seemed to be clustered together. Rumours were that it was to buffer members of a death court. The name sounded ominously enough to make Régalle stay as far away from them as possible. 
Eggs were clustered around their mothers and a foster mother called Brigid. While the eggs that Brigid had coiled herself around seemed unmoving - or perhaps...contemplative - those natural-born alongside their mothers seemed to grow more eager, and thus, were the first to start shaking. A strange, momentary sensation washed over the sands, like listening. Watching. Clearly coming from the unmoving eggs - as they seemed to observe what their clutchmates would do on instinct alone, before they applied their own knowledge. After all, experiencing a thing was different from observing a thing.
Eggs hatched and dragons bonded. Some passed close by the death court and one of the female dragons implied she wanted to take one of the hatchlings. People backed off as a wispy presence came between the queen and the hatchlings. Régalle didn't quite grasp what followed but peace returned and soon after a dragon made it's way toward her and all thoughts about the peculiar guard were forgotten. 
“I am here for you, Régalle. You are strong on your own, but we are stronger together. You will have the time you need, and I will not allow you to be used for someone else’s convenience or gain.” A shiningly purple Opal, marked with gold, declared to the woman who would be a queen. “You may call me Amideth.”

Name: Amideth
Court: Opal
Gender: Female
Coloration: Radiant Purple
Personality: Protective, Forward-Thinking

*Verbal Speech
*Prismatic Breath: The dragon produces a colorful magical spray where other species might create fire or lightning when exhaling. This cone of rainbows has variable effects based on the color that strikes whatever they are aiming at.
*Genetic Memory: The dragon possesses very clear memories, inherited from its ancestors, within its genetics, not unlike a library or database. How far back these can be traced varies by the individual and their Court heritage. (passes on when bred with others having the same ability, diluted and only to direct descendants when not)
*Trance: The means by which the dragon can access their inherited memories, falling into a meditative state while reviewing their catalogue of relevant experiences. Having this state disrupted causes no harm, but may leave the dragon slightly disoriented, or with an unpleasant headache. Reviewing memories occurs in an accelerated state, not unlike dreaming, allowing the dragon to review days or weeks of continuous memory within just a few minutes. (passes on when bred with others having the same ability, diluted and only to direct descendants when not)
*Discern Truth & Lies: The dragon is capable of detecting whether or not an individual is knowingly lying - wholly or partially - or speaking the truth as they know it. This is by no means the ability to pick out absolute fact from fiction, but rather, the sense of what a person believes is true or false as they speak it.
*Karmic Weight: The dragon levies a blessing or curse of some kind on a target after passing judgment upon them. The severity or intensity of the result tends to depend on whatever was being judged.
*Kismet: The dragon has incredibly good luck of their own, and tends to be able to shrug off most bad luck and curse effects laid on them by others.


Régalle looked out over the familiar vista that the palace balconies offered. She'd been gone for a couple of years but no time had passed at Gryzeh. Yet she'd had ample time to think of what to do. 

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