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Name: Premier Delbleu
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance: Premier has a dark caramel complexion with long brown hair he keeps tied up, a straight nose and neatly trimmed beard. His green eyes look confident into the world and miss very little. He is tall and thin with good posture and carries himself proper wherever he finds himself. He tries to be an example to others. 
Personality: Premier is stubborn and hardworking. If he could he would do things in a righteous fashion but he knows that to fight corruption he'll have to use some underhanded means as well. He sees the bigger picture and has made his peace with the fact that he'll probably won't be around to see his plan bear fruit. But change needs martyrs and Premier will stop at nothing to change his country for the better. 
Short Bio: Premier was elected to his post by popular vote and not by birthright. He comes from simple people who taught him to do the right thing. His parents worked very hard to get premier where he is today. As an electoral promise Premier promises to bring prosperity to the normal people and to fight corruption.
Skills & Hobbies: Plotting has taken up all his free time.

Pets: --
Sponsor: White-furred, Blue-feathered Merel (f)
Bond: Dark Court Brown Gonralth from The Empyrean Stair (Court Clutch)


The candidates were led into the Sands. Dragons and humans numbered about equal portions but the dragons seemed to be clustered together. Rumours were that it was to buffer members of a death court. Premier understood their motives and to some degree agreed that their voices needed to be heard, but he wanted to bond a dragon so at the moment they were direct competitors. 
Eggs were clustered around their mothers and a foster mother called Brigid. While the eggs that Brigid had coiled herself around seemed unmoving - or perhaps...contemplative - those natural-born alongside their mothers seemed to grow more eager, and thus, were the first to start shaking. A strange, momentary sensation washed over the sands, like listening. Watching. Clearly coming from the unmoving eggs - as they seemed to observe what their clutchmates would do on instinct alone, before they applied their own knowledge. After all, experiencing a thing was different from observing a thing.
“Solid, you are.” The voice of a Dark Court brown sounded, as he quite neatly flicked off just a small remaining bit of his eggshell off his tail. His voice was directed towards the man known as Premier, standing straight-backed and serious. 
“Your goals will be my goals, so I hope you want to share.” The hatchling almost purred. “Please address me as Gonralth.”

Name: Gonralth
Court: Dark
Gender: Male
Coloration: Brown
Mother: Dark Court Green Anseloth
Father: Blood Court Blue Nacsarth
Personality: Cunning, Steadfast
   *Verbal Speech
   *Venomous Bite
   *Poison Stinger



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