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Name: Belial
Gender: Male
Description: Belial doesn't look all that imposing. He is not that tall, nor does he look imposing. he has a tanned skin, long dark hair he usually braids and pins on the top of his head. His ears are pointed and he has two little horns protruding from his forehead. His eyes are brown but sometimes glow red. He has a straight, wide nose and thin lips. He can disguise himself as a human pretty easily. 
Personality: Belial is maybe the least warped of all the demons. His original domain was not a pleasant one. Though darkness is more neutral than despair, it is a natural element that invoked unpleasant feelings long before the new religion took hold. As such Belial is quite level-headed, logical and sane. He tends to be pretty cold in contact, aloof and with his own agenda. 
Demon of: Despair
Powers: Can reduce even the mightiest to a quivering mess, can evaporate hope and plunge people into despair. Belial also kept his original powers that include control of light and dark, cloaking himself and hide things by wrapping them in darkness. 
Original domain: Darkness
Number of followers: 2413


Belial had returned to Gremyne as soon as Nairyg had let him know she would not allow him to witness the hatching. It wasn't a surprise. Belial knew the draconic beasts could read minds. He had plenty of power and not of the kind that Nairyg was looking for with her children. But there would come a time when things were different. And until that time he'd keep his eyes and ears open.


Belial had bided his time and word of a peculiar clutch found it's way to him. Schattarneki were furry dragons that had the look of wolves and somehow they'd managed to breed with a whale dragon.The end result would be something in between and that resonated with the demon that was between dark and light. He understood the grey of all that was in between.
The hardest part was leaving without the others finding out. There were other demons nursing the rejection of the Hathydra and Belial wanted this hatching to be his alone. Once more he arrived, was greeted and allowed to attend. This time the dam of the clutch wasn't as discerning. Being allowed meant he was as good as certain to bond. After all Belial was power.
But still one after the other, the oddly-looking hatchlings chose to forego the chance to bond him. The small furry dragons moved awkwardly, dupported by backfins and stubby arms that lacked proper wings. Though looking at the parents, those would definitely grow in the future.
Gazing so, Belial felt the presence of his domain like never before. Despair tried to grab hold of his mind but the demon refused to let it. He ruled the domain, not vice versa. Struggling with his inner shadows, Belial had missed the keen interest of one of the hatchlings.
The dark blue and black hatchling with ivory spots seemed to belong in the night sky. And as such it was drawn to Belial's darkness.
"You will be mine." he growled, "Call me Min-Nuit."


Growing into his wings had vastly improved Min-Nuit's mobility. The Schattarneki-Whale dragon flew whenever he needed speed, crawled whenever he needed precision and swam when he desired solitude. His bond could always find him as Darkness and Despair were everywhere around Gremyne. Though usually not around Min-Nuit. The dragon was too calm and collected for those feelings. But he quite enjoyed the game of hide and chase they played. One day, Min-Nuit would lead Belial away. But the time was not yet there.

Name: Min-Nuit
Gender: Male
Origin: Derivative Works - Mermay 2024 Giveaway
Species: Schattarneki-Whale Dragon

Parents: Spotted Blue Schattarneki Ayska-turr x ???
Colours: Midnight Blue with Black man, Ivory spots and wings
Size: 7-12 feet
Personality: Distinguished and wiley, Min-nuit is someone who plans ahead. There is little he won't take in account
     *Breath Weapon (Burning Mist)
     *Verbal Speech
     *Water Manipulation: The ability to magically manipulate pre-existing sources of water.
      This includes water vapor and solid ice, though they cannot cause state transitions on their own. They cannot control temperature, only physical matter.


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