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Name: Phenex
Gender: Male
Description: A red-skinned demon with black hair and goatee. His eyes seem to burn, bright yellow irises on black sclera. He has long horns that curve backwards and a long tail. Phenex has square shoulders, a broad chest and a lot of muscles and strength. He still enjoys wearing his old minstrel uniform though he has since stripped it of colour. 
Personality: Phenex has always had a way with words. In his old domain he brought inspiration to poets, writers and anyone who needed to bring their feelings to words. Twisted as he is now, his powers corrupt words into mean, dispirited shadows of themselves. Even when he tries to suppress his power, there is always something off about his words. Some people are able to pick up on that but some, especially sinners, are easily led astray. As a marquis he is of low nobility rank and that does give him some influence over other demons that are lower in rank. 
Demon of: Deception
Powers: Twisting words and memories to cause strife
Original domain: Poetry
Number of followers: 582


Phenex had been denied the right to stand for Nairyg's clutch on the Abstract Destiny. His words had been filled with instances of a mother's wrath and spoke of abandoned children and failed bonds. In fact his creativity had soared to such heights that he might well gain a few followers. In between he'd been able to pen a few rauckous tavern chants and they had been quite succesful in the more seedy towns of Gremyne.
Although in the back of his mind a few lines kept urging him to note them down. He tried not to listen, but when his mind wandered, his hands moved instinctively with the fervor he'd once felt in bygone times:

Love so sweet, it yearns only
to have someone know me
Love so bitter, it simply cried
for the chance that was denied






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