Name: Corey
Age: 23
Gender: Male (gay)

Appearance: Corey has a pale complexion that burns easily. He is tall and thin, with a long face and ears that stand away from his head. He has long brown hair, bushy eyebrows and a well-kept moustache and beard. His eyes are brown. Corey is fashionable and never leaves the house looking less than meticulously put-together.  
Personality: Corey is as friendly as they come. He is very social and worms his way through even the most guarded of people. He has a lot of trivia knowledge and is good at quizzes. He's always ready to help. His sense of humour is a bit on the awkward side with some caustic humour, some self-deprecation and a tad of inappropriate one-liners. 
Short Bio: Corey struggled a bit with his gender and orientation when he was in middle school but has mostly come to terms with being out of the closet. His parents are supportive, and his mother asks him when he's going to bring home a boyfriend every time he visits. No man has been able to charm this shy romantic though. Corey is currently in college, studying Law and Criminology. 
Hobbies: Fashion, working out and generally being nosy. 
Costume: Archer with a fashion sense. 

Pets: Black Firelizard Spook (m) from Meridian Weyr 
Bond: ??? from Meridian Weyr (Halloween Gather Clutch)







Lantessama Isle