Name: Chiara
Age: 22
Gender: Female (straight) 

Appearance: Chiara has a light complexion that tans in the summer. She has very light blonde hair from being out in the sun a lot and dark blue eyes that contrast and give her a strong gaze. She has a straight nose and light eyebrows. Chiara usually likes to wear practical clothing but she's compromised for the party.
Personality: Chiara is very good at organising things. Parties, Meetings, Research, whatever needs to be done she's sure to have some binders with colourful markers and neat little sections that will keep everything in order. Because she is so roganised, she is pretty popular among her peers. Though she likes parties, she is careful about dating one-on-one. 
Short Bio: Chiara grew up as a child with lots of opportunities. She juggled as many hobbies as she could and liked both physical, artistic and social hobbies. Currently Chiara is studying event management and hopes to be able to work for one of the larger festival venues after she graduates. 
Hobbies: Still too many to count. She's tried just about everything...
Costume: Medieval Lady

Pets: Orange firelizard Pompoon (f) from Meridian Weyr
Bond: ??? from Meridian Weyr (Halloween Gather)







Lantessama Isle