Name: Chris
Age: 25
Gender: Male (Straight) 

Appearance: Chris has a tanned skin with square jaw and short black hair. He keeps it short, augmenting the square look of his head. His hairline might already be receding a bit. He has a large nose, dark brown eyes and prominent brows that give him a scowling look. Chris likes to wear jeans and leather and often wears dark clothes. 
Personality: Chris is a bit of a loner. He generally enjoys quiet, desolated places with gloomy atmosphere. He believes in the world unseen and likes ghost stories. He considers himself a celtic-orientated goth. At college he likes to keep his distance from others, feeling that he doesn't belong with the group of preppy and peppy students. 
Short Bio: Chris got his fascination for the darkness at a young age, He lived next to a cemetary and was often ostracised because of it. But to Chris that place was a magical, mysterious place that just begged to be explored. Death and dead creatured don't scare him.
Hobbies: Reading about ghosts, necromancy and death in general. 
Costume: Dark Druid

Pets: Brown Firelizard Kalebas (m) from Meridian Weyr
Bond: ??? from Meridian Weyr (Halloween Gather)







Lantessama Isle