Name: Lisa
Age: 18
Gender: Non-binary female (bisexual)
Style: Break Dance

Description: Lisa was a boyish girl from a young age. She liked to climb, explore and as she grew older she kept feeling more comfortable among the boys. She likes to wear pants and shirts, has several leather jackets and prefers boots to sandals. She has venetian blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes to dance with others outside and has a tan because of it. Dancing is freedom to her, a freedom to express herself in a wild and unrestrained manner, being able to be who she wants to be: loud, self-assured and in-your-face.
Studying: Language.
Hobbies: Hip Hop music
Skills: Speed-reading and cramming. 

Family: Lisa hails from a very rural town and doesn't like to return there, she much prefers the more worldly atmosphere of the university town of Leuven. 
Hometown: Rumst
Pet: Salamander Sikky (m) from Gineya Isle





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