Windchill Armadas

Created in a small dimension of it's own, Windchill is a giant cliff-face disappearing into a dense fog both above and below. The wall is always as big as it needs to be for it's population. The Fae and humans living there ask no questions, it just is. Central to the cliff, the mountain wall opens up into a large cavern. Fae lights illuminate the vast space and allow vegetation to grow. At first glance, the cavern is home to ancient ruins. Sandstone buildings look a bit worse for wear, some are overgrown with ivy or other creeping plants. The pathways are a bit uneven and small flowering plants grow in between the cracks and seams. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, but this atmosphere is deceiving as a lot of people call Windchill home. It only takes an invitation to see the truth inside: a bustling town of humans, fae and other entities,  where nature and architecture are entwined harmoniously. The settlement is completely self-sustaining and everyone pulls their weight. Fae offer light, nourishment and protection while humans offer labour and entertainment. 
The cliff wall above the main settlement is riddled with small and larger dwellings where draks and their knights can live. The Knight pairs are stationed into two armadas, rotating being on call to fight potential threats. 

Sleet Armada (Aspirants)

Shrill Whistle of Warning
Leisurely Gait
Iris at Water's Edge
Sylvain - Reginald
Alan -
Gregoir - Ulla

Frost Armada (Leaders & Personnel)

Sunsparkle and Plant Cucurbita

High Prince 

Moonbeam and Ore Jasperu High Princess 
Gait and ?? High Knight (living quarters)
Iris and ?? High Knight (provisions)
Melody and Day Daridawda High Knight (culture)
Joseph and Mud Brihade  Judge (mediation)

Hail Armada

Whistle and ??

High Knight 
Era and Day Kyullox (f) Knight, Supply management
Jochem and Plant Karilano (m) Knight, Hunter/Tracker
Sunset Impressionante (f)
Quorun and Hydrak Night Sanctelmo Filidetiyorarel (m)

Snow Armada

Misty and Fire Ethel (f)

High Knight 

Patrice and ?? ??
Tannis and Ore Yogurth (f)  Knight, Warrior
Febe and Fire Naniosor (f) Knight, Medic, Vet & Scout
Rain Meddinsori (f)
Illamnodrid and Hydrak Ore Lupix (m)

Lantessama Isle
Background from Deaimon Anime