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Welcome to the Information Section!

Rules for Adopting Pets

On the next pages, you can see small Vulpas or eggs that can give you a fairy drak in the traditional colours of Icarus. Please consider that some colours are male/female colours while others are both [see draks information].
You can take as many as you want, but most castles only allow 3 per aspirant. Also please have a link back to Savannah castle so people can see where you got it from

Get your Vulpa here

Vulpas are small fox-like creatures. With their large ears and fluffy tail they look endearing, but be warned, wild vulpas aren't things to mess with. Vulpas usually live in group with a small population of females and males guarding the females with litters. 
The Chindor population is tamed and rather docile. There are two distinct kinds found regularly in the litters: plain and spotted. The males (with fluffy ears) and females can be adopted and kept as pet. Up to three per persona are allowed.


Fairy Draks
Get your Fairy Drak here

Fairy draks are miniature draks. They come in the same colours as their larger cousins and share the same behaviour, though they do tend to be rather playful.
Unlike the real draks however these small creatures can't talk nor are they very smart. They do recognise faces and pair to their owner at hatching (or not at all)



Get your Racers here

Large 6-legged reptillians that are cousins of the Draks. They are usually bipedal with a large tail to keep their balance. They come in a wide range of colours that varies from place to place. In stead of wings they have two stubs on their necks that seem to have no functional use. Unlike the draks they posses no consciousness and are used in races and as beasts of burden, pulling carts and obstacles.


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