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Savannah Castle is a small to medium-sized castle that is situated in the neighbourhood of the original crash site. It was built on stretching plains in between the desert and the ocean. In the distance the remnants of the spaceship can be seen against the horizon (on clear days).
The lands surrounding Savannah are mostly dry grassland. There are several small villages that farm to get by. These villages are mostly self-sufficient but merchant caravans tour the region to sell additional supplies and luxuries. Where these caravan-routes cross, larger towns can be found.
Local specialties are mostly fresh vegetables, fruits and animal products. Some villages make use of the grass to weave bags, fabric or small trinkets. When free time arises people aroudn Savannah have been known to play games like chess, checkers and the like. But card games are also very popular. At other times agility and strength contests are held between villages: races, tug-of-war and arrow contests among others.
Dangers in the region come mostly from bandits and robbers though the occasional wild animal attack isn't unheard of. Nex Necii movements are being monitored by the knights but it's not always easy to predict where these nasty bugs might pop up next.

Savannah Castle has taken over the duties of the ruined Castle De Corvo, one of the pioneering castles on Icarus. It's ruins lie to the south, across the desert. Further south still is Castle DesCas, situated on an island in the ocean to the east. Further east, across the ocean lies Castle Drockh-Tallahn.

Savannah Castle was built painstakingly over the course of years by a large number of people. Central to these efforts however where 2 young men, Kyros and Egan who'd been best friends since childhood and two young women: Una and Annora. The four had met in a bad way, resulting in a fistfight between Una and Egan but the four patched up their differences and now lead the castle together.
You can read more about them HERE.

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