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Here are all the eggs listed for Savannah castle. If you want to know how the other castles are doing, you should check the Genealogy

Clutch 1 :
Earth Aardenis x Mud Sevlardu
Mind Pairing

7 eggs: 2 male, 5 female

Ling and Forest Elzeduis
Laura and Water Xhyduis
Harvey and Night (f) Daiduis
Chelsay and Wind Bryduis
Veerle and Fire Gri´kisdu
Merlijn and Night (m) Daiisdu
Louise and Water Vyreduis

Clutch 2
Water Oceaenna x Night Sterrisen
Mind Pairing
5 eggs: 2 male, 3 female

Veng Pulyar and Desert Giinaen
Caylea and Wind Hyenna
Avery and Desert Lopinaen
Rowan and Forest Paienna
Fleur and Water Tijnenna

Clutch 3
Rain Henna x Fire Vlatasu
Mind Pairing
4 eggs: 3 male, 1 female

and Earth Kanusa
Navim and Forest Yasuna
Pravin and Night Wonasu
Uraryi and Day Kinasu

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