The Hollow Tree
After a flight of about half an hour back to the Center, Track shows you the Svarpian buildings.
"We've made these rooms into Svarpian Niches, they contain all a Svarpian needs."
You look around the room with vines and branches hanging from walls. Soon your eyes fall on the huge hollow tree in the Center of the room.
"What's that?" you ask.
"That's the Egg Tree. Inside are the eggs we have up for adoption. Since the mother isn't here to warm the eggs, they can be kept one year. After that, all eggs hatch and the unadopted young are brought back to the swamp."

parented a clutch of 15 eggs!

Bonders Wild Clutch 1

Bamboo Helder (m) Timalie
Camouflage Yllis (f) Trianon
White Spiritheart (f) Lilith Hell'Storm
Black Demonsoul (m) Lilith Hell'Storm
EGG 5  
EGG 6  
Camouflage Ingoldo (m) Angolodh
Bamboo Onix (m) Swar
Murky Sstiless (f) Rebecca
EGG 10  
EGG 11  
EGG 12  
EGG 13  
EGG 14  
EGG 15