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Keryan Isle




Winona and Dolphin Raevale


Winona waited in the cool waters. It came up to her waist and if she'd have to wait much longer it would make her look like an old woman from the waist down. She'd rather avoid that. Plus, it was starting to get cold.
"Are you sure you want to leave?" a voice sounded in her ears as something slipped past her legs.
"Are you a dragon?" she asked.
"What else would talk like this?" the voice asked.
"A demon maybe?"
As she said those words she sent down a small illusion of a horrible black and red demon face. It did not take long for the water to become lively and then a long grey dragoness with a fin on her back was out of the water looking rather frightened.
"If you want me to protect you i'll need to know your name."
"Raevale." the dragoness said, wrapping herself around Winona and holding tight.



Name Winona
Age 18
Gender Female
Appearance Short and slender with two blond pigtails and brown eyes with glasses.
Hobbies magic tricks
Power small illusions
Homeworld Lyria


Name Raevale
Age Adult
Gender Female
Element Water
Species Dolphin
Parents Water Wild Clutch 2
Homeworld Lyria
Mate None

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