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Keryan Isle




David and Hedgehog Dreynoi


David knew what day his egg would hatch, that it would hatch at 5 am was beyond his talent. He'd been pulled out of bed and woken up violently before being pushed into clothes and then toward the eggs.
And there it was, a small brown dragon who looked at him so devotedly. Without needing to look around to see if any other eggs had hatched, David knew that this one was his.
"Hello." he said, a bit nervous.
"My name is Dreynoi." the dragon yawned.
"You're as sleepy as me, huh, why did you hatch then?"
"I wasn't sleepy then." Dreynoi protested.
Barely being able to keep his eyes open the dragon nibbled some food and then needed to be carried back to David's room.



Name David
Age 20
Gender Male
Appearance Short with neatly cut blond hair and blue eyes.
Hobbies Reading
Power Foresight (slightly)
Homeworld Lyria


Name Dreynoi
Age Adult
Gender Male
Element Earth
Species Hedgehog
Parents Earth Wild Clutch 2
Homeworld Lyria
Mate None

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