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Stassyn and Sun Sennex

Stassyn stood at the edge of the Volcano chiding himself for wearing something other than shorts and a t-shirt. Sweat was running down his back and into his eyes. His parents, Elayne and Illya, were looking down from the top of the volcano.
After a while in the excruciating heat Stassyn sat down. He waved some cool toward himself. His hands and face were red from the heat.
"I don't know how much longer I can take this!" he yelled up.
"Believe!" Ittax yelled back.
"You can do it!" his mother.
Stassyn toyed a bit with the plush animal he had taken from the pile. It had seemed easier to bring a plushie then one of the fiery pets or rock toys. But maybe they didn't like the plushies... He left the plushie, returning to the entrance to get another toy. When he returned a small black-yellow sun dragon had perched itself on the smooth rock. It was sleeping, it's hands cradling the plushie like a cherished toy.
Two amber eyes opened for a second.
"Why did you go away?" the dragon sighed.
"I'm sorry... I thought you wouldn't like this toy..." Stassyn apologised.
"My name is Sennex..." he whispered before he fell back to sleep, snoring little flames that did no damage to the special cloth of the plushie.



Name Stassyn
Age 15
Gender Male
Appearance Lanky, short blond hair, blue eyes
Thoughts Tormented computer fantasy freak
Homeworld Earth


Name Sennex
Age Baby
Gender Male
Element Fire
Species Sun
Parents Wild Fire Clutch 1
Homeworld Lyria
Mate None


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