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Elayne and Water Marakesh

Elayne stood nervously at the edge of the bay. The water trickled around her bare feet, warm and soothing. But above her feet the impact was nearly zero. Her heart raced, her breath never seemed to fill her lungs and her mind wandered.
Then the sound of splashing sounded through the water.
"It's coming for you!" Illya screamed. From the shore Stassyn cheered. His sleeping Sun Sennex laying next to him, not realising the importance of this moment for his bond. Elayne held out the small dragon plushie she had received to lure the baby dragon toward her. She felt silly, but she couldn't help pinking away a tear at the memory of that other child she had brought to this world... well not this world.
A blue head appeared above the surface. Drops of water seemingly running down it's neck. The female water squealed as she saw the toy and jumped. Her body lifted from the water and arched through the air on a set course to the plushie.
"Plaaaay!" she yelled. In the process of grabbing the toy she pushed Elayne under.
Not much later a soaking wet Elayne left the water, cradling a very happy female water in her arms.
"What is her name?" Ittax asked.
"Marakesh." Elayne smiled, she told me under water. 



Name Elayne
Age 34
Gender Female
Appearance Medium Built, short brown hair, grey eyes.
Thoughts Mothering with an interest in reading and writing 
Homeworld Earth


Name Marakesh
Age Adult
Gender Female
Element Water
Species Water
Parents Wild Water Clutch 1
Homeworld Lyria
Mate Dolphin Diepte

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