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Illya and Dolphin Diepte

Illya looked in awe as he saw his wife trudge out of the water holding the water female. In some way he was jealous of her. He could only be happy, but she had made it seem so easy. Not everyone on these sands bonded. Sometimes the eggs just wouldn't hatch. Illya prayed this wouldn't happen at the time.
Illya resumed his waiting stance and held out the plushie as he had seen Elayne doing. The little multicoloured toy sparkled in the sunlight and seemed all a dragon would want. He had seen hatchlings playing before, they had a tendency to walk around, carrying plushies on their back. 
In a momentary loss of rationality he pushed the dragon plushie under water and played a bit with it. Apparently that worked. An egg, not far from him cracked open and out swam a lean grey shape.
"Plushie?" the dolphin asked.
Illya threw the toy toward the dolphin who instantly rolled around a few times making a backflip in the deeper water.
"Diepte happy." he announced.
"Go dad!" Stassyn shouted when he saw what had happened.
Those words meant more to Illya than he would ever admit. He had been lost for 8 years. He wouldn't have minded if Stassyn had stopped calling him dad... but that didn't mean Illya stopped hoping he would.



Name Illya
Age 32
Gender Male
Appearance Tall with blond hair and blue eyes.
Thoughts Very positive character, but prone to daydreaming
Homeworld Earth


Name Diepte
Age Adult
Gender Male
Element Water
Species Dolphin
Parents Wild Water Clutch 1
Homeworld Lyria
Mate Water Marakesh


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