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Name Wind
Gender Female
Age Countless
Rank Goddess
Origin The Dawn of Times
Children 6 Children: 
   *Dewinavho (East) and Dewivawest (West)
   *Dewinazus (North) and Dewigenano (South)
   *Wind Chimes
Appearance Wind has long silver-blue hair and deep blue eyes. Her skin is pearl white. Her wings are transparent in all colours of the rainbow. She is tall and proud, never bowing for anyone.
Her favourite colours are the colours bound to her element: Blue, White and Black
Thoughts Wind is stubborn and impulsive. She has made her way through countless problems and disasters without ever giving up or getting bitter. She remains proud and hopeful about her future, why shouldn't she? She's going to be around for a very long time...
Powers Wind used to control the winds. But since she was banned from her fellow Gods and her children were doomed to live a life without powers she gave them parts of hers. 
She still controls some of the more dangerous winds, like storm and twister. Also she can transport herself through dimensions and has a keen sense of time.


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Music Playing is called Chimes and was found here
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