Chapter 1: Secret Romance

Wind signed for him to follow. Him. Serdayn, her lover. Her human lover. For a moment the delight of being in love left her. She was a Goddess. They would never be together long. Only for as long as his life lasted him. There was nothing she could do about it. Against common believes Gods didn't have the power over life and death. Only humans held that power. 
Serdayn caught up with her and noticed something was wrong. In a foolish attempt to make her happy again, he kissed her. She smiled. yet it was a sad smile. The smile of knowing he would one day leave her, even if he didn't want to. Wind looked up into the eyes of her Serdayn. Yes he was hers. Hers and hers alone. She drowned in his deep brown eyes and lost her fingers in his dark hair. For some his face might have looked normal, ordinary, plain. But for her he was heaven. He was the most beautiful creature to have ever graced the universe. And she had seen many. 
As she looked deep into his eyes she knew that even the shortest time together would change her completely. He was her world. He was her soul. He was everything. Wind smiled. How foolish she had been for once thinking she would never find a love worthy of her. She had searched the Gods, the mythical creatures and everything remotely magic. But Wind didn't need those traits. She was magical enough for the both of them. How foolish she was now. She had once mocked the humans and their thoughts about everlasting love. She knew better, she had thought, nothing lasted, not even the wind. And yet... this love thing seemed to do the trick.
"What did you want to show me?" he asked, glad she was back to her normal self.
"This!" she said and lifted them both into the air. She sat down onto the soft summer breeze she had called. She pulled him down and kissed him. For a moment time stood still and the world was theirs to discover. How special it could be to be in Love! How much it added to everything. A single gesture could make her quiver and a single look could set her on flame. And sometimes, there was this special feeling in between those two. The cold and hot together, fighting for dominion over her body... as it was now.
The breeze carried them high above the land. But neither of the lovers looked down. Why should they? Who would ever look down when they had the chance to gaze into the other's eyes? Over clouds they went, climbing ever higher. Suddenly a few eagles celebrated their love below them. They followed the breeze carrying Wind and Serdayn. Wind laughed as she saw them rising and diving in an exquisite air-ballet. 
"Could there ever be a better day?" she asked.
"No my love. Never will there be a day better than this."
Wind lay her index finger on Serdayn's mouth. The use of the word never had been a curse in olden days and though it's magic had faded it still possessed power.
"Never say never." she told Serdayn.
"Why not? You used it just now."
"But I used it in a safe way. To direct the curse away from me."
Serdayn gently touched her cheek. "Never will there be a better day."
Wind shut up before he would repeat the word again. It was even worse to dare an old curse. They tended to be vindictive. Again the cold feeling surfaced. The feeling she was going to lose him. Wind looked at him and knew their happiness would be short, but maybe she could change that.
The breeze left them on a mountain top. The eagles soon followed. They landed only a short distance away and stroked their heads together. They too looked like lovers. Wind pointed to the shadow of the two birds.
"See that my love? This is my gift to you. Whenever you see the shadow of the eagle you'll know I'm thinking off you. It will keep you safe and no-one can change that." she said.
Serdayn smiled and looked at the shadows too. She watched him gaze and think. The lines on his forehead wrinkling together. 
"Then take this vow. Should our love ever be thwarted and we aren't together anymore. Know then that the eagle will appear before you when my love for you is strong enough to conquer the forces that drift us apart."
"Silly you!" she said, "You're no God, you can't promise anything like this."
"Then I'll pray to the God of Love that he or she make it happen."
"I've never seen the God of Love. I doubt such a creature even exists. All I've heard about it was told by humans."
"What if I told you it was Love who made this all? What if I told you Love is a greater power than all the divinities combined?"
"I'd tell you to stop dreaming."
"Well, still I promise you this. You will see the eagle for they will try to part us."
"I should go." Wind suddenly said, moved by his understanding of the situation.
Serdayn gave her one last long kiss before she summoned the North Wind to carry her home.
"The summer Breeze will take you home." she said and waved, a tear in her eye.

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