Chapter 6: The Riddle

As often when people are busy they forget about their promises. This was the same for Wind. She watched her children grow, taught them all she knew about the ancient ways of the Gods and the new ways of the Humans. All of her children were quick learners though their characters were very different.
Wind had wanted to given them powers sooner, but it hadn't been easy deciding which direction should be given to which child. 
But now, now her children were teens in looks and behaviour she thought she knew what she was going to give to whom.
"Children!" she called.
5 pair of feet ran to the door. Wind Chimes as usual the lightest and fastest of the group. Closely followed by Dewigenano. A bit later Dewinavho entered, then her twin brother Dewivawest. And last Dewinazus, taking her time as usual.
"What is it mother?" Dewigenano asked.
"I'm going to give you each a gift." she said.
"Me first!" Dewigenano yelled before the others could react.
"You get control over South Winds and the power to make the earth fertile or barren. Please use your talent wisely and think before you act."
The others stood waiting, watching how their mother would continue.
"Dewinavho, my daughter, you get control over the Eastern Wind and the power to create sandstorms. I know you will have a handy use for those sandstorms." Wind said and winked to her shy daughter.
Then she turned to Dewivawest." You my son will control the moist Western Winds that come from the sea. I'm also giving you the power to create tidal waves." He nodded and took a step back.
"What are we getting mother?" Wind Chimes wanted to know.
"First let me give your sister her gift, they'll need you to use it." Wind told her youngest.
Wind Chimes looked very pleased about this and let Wind finish her round.
"Dewinazus, you will control the North Winds and you've earned the power to cause ice storms."
Wind looked at each of their faces and said:
"Each of these gifts can be very useful, but also dangerous. Remember that what one does only the other can undo. So be careful and think before you act." she looked at Dewigenano.
Wind Chimes was by now, jumping in the air. They had waited enough. Wind bent down to talk to her smallest and youngest child.
"Dear WindChimes. To you I offer the gift of transportation and communication. Without you all the others do will be confined to this dimension. Their only contact with the outside world will be you."
Wind Chimes looked very solemn, for once their eyes focused on the same point, her face.
"And what about you mother?" Wind Chimes asked.
"I will go now. I'll come back, but I need to finish some business." Wind said.
It hurt her to know she was going to leave her children unprotected and unsupervised. But it was the only way. With them safely locked inside the Wind Dimension no-one would know they even existed. They would be safe from the other Gods.
Wind got up and watched as her children left the warm sunny top of the mountain. They all went a different direction... to play with their gifts no doubt. She looked at the sky and wondered how her life would have been with Serdayn at her side. Would they have been happy with their children?
Suddenly a shadow moved in the corner of her eyes. When she looked at it, it was gone. She looked up, but there were no eagles. She knew that. She hadn't created them.
Wind wondered for a moment if her eyes had been playing tricks on her. But they had never before. She was a God. She should remember that. What she saw was real... But then... Serdayn!

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