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Name: Nala
Age: 43
Gender: Female
Species: Dwarf

Description: Nala has messy blonde hair she cuts and braids herself. She has dark blue eyes, a long nose and small mouth. Living out in the open means her skin gets a lot of abuse and she has a few wrinkles that shouldn't have been there. 
Nala isn't someone who cares about appearances. She's inherited her position as watcher and wise woman of the valley from her mother and intends to stay in her little cabin for as long as she can. But at one point she'll have to appoint a successor which is why she sometimes goes down to the shore of the large lake with the swamp tributary to look for a likely apprentice where she noticed a budding romance that might break the feud between the two settlements. 
Home: River Section, Witches Cavern
Family: Long Lost First Love Balu.
Pets: Grey-Blue Parrot Shiguurei (m) from Gineya Isle
Bond: Waiting to bond a Drake from The Temple





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