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Name: Balu
Age: 51
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf

Description: Balu has grey hair he keeps from hanging in his eyes with two long braids at the side of his face, an impressive beard, also braided, grey eyes, a large nose and thin lips. Although he's been living exposed in the mountains, he's very fit and capable of caring for himself.
After his first love Nala chose duty over love, he sequestered himself in the mountains, living of the land and enduring it's harshness, but also using the solitude to come to terms with himself. Because he knows someday Nala will step down from her duty and he intends to be there. Balu is a determined and loyal man who's become quiet and reclusive from living in solitude. When he has time he draws and paints. 
Home: Mountains, Cave Dwelling
Family: Long Lost First Love Nala.
Pets: --
Bond: Waiting to bond a Drake from The Temple





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