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Name: Yukwa
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf

Description: Yukwa has blond hair, a short, well-kept beard, impressive moustache, bright blue eyes and a broad nose. Like most dwarves he's small compared to human males, maybe about 1.60m tall, but wide with broad shoulders, strong arms and legs. 
Yukwa is a friendly and caring man who looks out for his friends, feeling they are the family that he so sorely lacks. He has a lot of time to think while he's fishing for the settlement and lately he's been thinking a lot about the changes in Caylee. Yukwa knows something's up but doesn't know how to ask her about it. As a hobby, Yukwa likes to play with his little Stone flitter, for instance taking her with him to sun on the rocks while he fishes or letting her explore the caverns and crevices in the mountain. 
Home: Lake Section, Lakeview Terrace
Family: Best Friend Caylee he regards as a little sister. 
Pets: Stone Elemental Gem (f) from Gineya Isle
Bond: Waiting to bond a Salamandyr Drake from The Temple





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