female, 25 (28 when going exploring with the IceLandic Kids)
A muscled, blond-haired, blue-eyed female archer and knife-wielder. Rygha, though often ridiculed for her small size, is not a person you'd like to have against you in combat. Maybe because she was bullied and regarded as only "half a person", Rygha trained hard to get to where she is now. Only a few men can rival her skills with the bow and knives. She's loud-mouthed, proud and daring.

2. From Lantessama to Beyond
The South was not what they'd expected. A relatively short flight brought the 5 IceLanders to a moderate-climate island. The island was dominated by 3 mountains at it's heart and was covered in forest that dwindled to grasslands, dunes and sandy beaches. The trees in the forest were of a variety that Rygha hadn't seen before. Leaves in all shapes and sizes shaded the ground from a sun that shone with a warmth that she didn't recognise from even the hottest day in the middle of Summer. That first day was filled with wonder as they reconnected with the present IceLanders living on the Isle and heard the truth about dragons. It seems their deep-rooted fears were ungrounded. It was bitter to realise that the entire foundation of their lives was a lie.
A greater surprise was maybe that they were chosen to attend the winter clutch of that year and that they'd have a chance to bond a dragon of their own. As dragons could chose to mate for life and it wasn't wise to mate siblings, Saryn elected to wait for a later clutch. And to everyone's surprise, Rygha decided she would not attend the clutch either. When asked she couldn't give a specific reason, other than it didn't feel right for her. Maybe the others would have commented more if they didn't know that Rygha was often right about things she should not be right about. Or maybe it was just the declaration of Yvander, saying that he would take the chance to bond, that made them all forget about her beliefs.
The time of the hatching came and Yvander, Svyn and Sha'uny bonded the most amazing creatures. Sleak dragons with six limbs and 2 sets of feather-soft wings. Saryn eagerly awaited for the day that she would share in the feeling of the bond that had changed Svyn from a slightly insecure young man to a steadfast companion. All the while she learned more about the amazing places that existed outside of IceLand. Dragons came and went through portals, cracks or just winked in and out of existence. If you could imagine it, it was possible.
It was Sha'uny that spurred Saryn and Rygha into action. She had heard about an unusual place that hosted wolf adoptions. In IceLand wolves were enemies. At best you went unnoticed or they weren't hungry enough to bother with you. So the possibility of people forming a bod with these animals was a strange concept. Sha'uny wanted to see what they were like, her inquisitive nature only sharpened by the recent adventures.
So the other two women agreed and ventured to Sgiath Wolfkeep on a girl's day out...

Rygha descended from Suna Gote and knew she was where she needed to be. As if pulled, her legs hurried toward the litter of pups that were being cared for by their mother. Looking them over carefully, her eyes finally rested on one of the darkly coloured females. The young pup had a brightness to her eyes that showed she was quite intelligent and caring. Immediately Rygha felt a connection. She reached out her hand and waited, still a bit hesitant to trust her instincts.

Name: Verani Kethlar
Gender: Female
Breed: Reririan/Alskyrian Pernese
Litter: 6
Parents: Dark Brown Dyami Sirhaan & Red Athore Kethlar
Personality: suspicious, sensitive, and helpful

Verani grew up to be a trustworthy companion. Rygha and Verani often hunted in the forests or just walked and surveyed their domain. They too had made a little home for themselves in the forests around the base of the mountains, leaving the mountain caves to the dragons and their bonds.

Yvander - Svyn - Saryn - Rygha - Sha'uny

Story continued in part 3 of Icelandic Kids

The icedeer Cedany scratched his feet across the floor and suddenly the sands and surrounding areas were frozen solid. People hardly managing to stay upright at the sudden change. The air turned to freezing and quite a few people huddled around Avarelle, who warmed up a 10 feet radius bubble all around her. Others ducked into their coats, blew their hands or suddenly found the need to embrace their neighbour. But no-one seemed to be in a bad mood because of the shift in the weather as I'haeryok spread her cheer and Fodyos added sparkling stars in the dark expanse of clouds above. 
Only then did Nola open up the portal to where their offspring was residing. Adult Reindeer dragons started to pour out, some one by one, others in groups, all colours of the rainbow were present as were a big number of fur and wing configurations. All of them had antlers though. 
A fragile-looking reindeer dragon had been well-hidden by darkness and snow, but as he came closer it became clear that he was very slim, lightly blue with tiny antlers and a long tail. He did not have wings and his legs were long and spindly.
Some people might say that he looked weak and sickly, but Rygha knew better. She'd had her fair share of prejudice, even in such an open place as Lantessama. She knew that appearances could deceive. 
"It is so." Kiremiti agreed, "The world will know my powers eventually, but I won't brag before my powers are needed."
Not as surprised after Saryn had also bonded, Rygha turned toward Verani, her winged wolf and introduced them.
"We are very alike." Kiremiti remarked and with that the two looked at each other and nodded. 



Name: Kiremiti ('winter' in Amharic)
Sex: Male
Nolach'tach Houtalli x Cedany
: 75% Deer Dragon (50%Icedeer), 25% Fireling
Clutch: 2022 Reindeer Festival 
Color: Transparent Ice Blue
Size: 6' at the shoulder
A fragile-looking blue icedeer with clawed feet, small horns and thin limbs. Depending on the light and his surroundings, kiremiti fades into the background. He has studs and loops in his ears.
Personality: Shy and cautious, Kiremiti does not make friends easily. He much prefers to be on his own (and preferably outside in the snow). He does have a soft spot for small animals.
heat intolerance 
winter magic 
dream control 

6. RUN
Kiremiti gracefully stepped across the snow, Rygha trudging through it behind him.
"I don't know how you're able to walk on top. You can't weigh less than me." the small but sturdy IceLander complained.
"It's magic." Kiremiti admitted.
"Can't you use it on me too?" Rygha asked.
"Sadly no."
Not without inflicting some drawbacks that his bond would not like. Rygha could complain but Kiremiti knew that she was quite happy to walk through the snow, as it showed her strength and endurance.
"Maybe you could try one of those large shoes."
"Those would only look silly on me." Rygha refused.
"Maybe you'd be able to keep up with me if you had those."
"Frankly, I don't think anyone could outrun you in these conditions."
"Oh, is that a free pass to go enter some wintery run?"
"If you can fins any, be my guest!"

Lantessama Isle - Sgiath Wolfkeep.