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Name: Iblis
Gender: Female
Description: A grey-skinned demon with curly blond hair, large curved horns and bat wings. Iblis was once an angel and she still carries a few of her feathers on her body. In times of peril she can use them as a "get out of jail free" card but she only has a couple left and does not want to waste them. She is slender and about the same height as an average woman. She prefers clothes in the colour of the sky (blue, white and grey). 
Personality: Iblis might not be a queen or duchess, she is ranked as a princess and she enjoys all the prestige that comes with that title. Iblis is haughty and self-confident. There is no doubt in her mind that she is better than others and that she'll go far. She was once loved by the divine and is now loved by darkness as the fire that can bring both warmth and destruction. As volatile and mercurial as her element, Iblis can be both sweet and cruel and usually shifts between the two in a moment's notice. 
Demon of: Fire
Powers: Born out of Fire
Original domain: The Heavens
Number of followers: 910


Iblis felt angry for a while that Nairyg had not allowed her to stand for her babies. She'd done so well with Elir. Well sadly he'd died but all had ended up fine in the end. And hydras were supposedly much tougher than humans. Miffed, she'd returned to Gremyne. Although she'd not found her place again. Her old routines seemed pointless. She'd visited Ninurta, Bune and Eligor on the Abstract Destiny but they'd still been waiting so they had not been able to tell her much.
But now that the way lay open to her, this princess was going to look for her own fortune. Maybe throw a fireball or two when the occasion presented itself. Her mood boosted by the plan, Iblis went to plot.






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