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Name: Bune
Gender: Female
Description: An anthropomorphic dragon shifter with green scaled skin, many curved horns, sharp teeth and large leathery wings. She is taller than most humans and can shift into a full humanoid and full dragon shape but she prefers the in-between shape since it creates the most effect. Bune usually wears clothes that display powerful symbols, a link to both her current and old domain. 
Personality: Bune is crafty and lusts for knowledge. She was once the guardian deity of libraries and scientists but as she was driven to the dungeons below the ground, her powers corrupted and she now deals mostly in obscure rituals and taboo knowledge. Because of her intelligent mind, she has done pretty well for herself, ranking as high as duke in the demon hierarchy. Bune has lost a lot of morals when becoming a demon and she often does not consider the possible consequences of the knowledge she shares. There are demons and fallen angels enough to make a deal with if people want to undo her craft. 
Demon of: Witchcraft
Powers: Grants answers to questions, Turns any matter to gold and Makes demons of the dead.
Original domain: Script
Number of followers: 1230


Bune felt quite out of her element on the spaceship. That is until she managed to wrap her mind around computers and the digital data that could convey so much in such a little space. Only she knew it would never hold the same promise to her as the script she'd once guarded. The floorish of a pen, the scritch of putting ink on paper. Those were things she could not do without. But the computer data would suffice for now...


Like the rest of the candidates that had passed Nairyg’s interview, some of her siblings were spaced well around the Bay perimeter, and everyone was as distant from her nested eggs as possibly could be. Nairyg and Tnalexan would be the first faces all of their children would see. The candidates were, functionally, a last resort. Only of the hatchlings’ own volition, should they feel that persistent call of a bond force them from their parents’ sides, would they “ideally” even know the candidates were present.
When the crackling sounds of breaking shells began, it was a comfortably familiar sound. Nairyg and Lex crooned towards their children’s efforts, the sound quietly picked up by some of the other draconic attendees, and another generation entered the world.
There was a distinct physical variance in Nairyg’s children to be seen as they began to arrive. Some were gangling little things, their wrinkly baby bodies wobbling awkwardly from the remnants of their shells upon long, fragile legs. Others were chubby little butterballs, rolling into the moss and sometimes struggling to even get their stubby legs to make contact with the ground without one of their parents giving them a helpful snout-nudge over. Some had egg-wet clumps of fur upon their heads and tails, others did not. Some had tiny wings upon their backs, years away from being anything close to a flightworthy size, and some only had the elongated, backswept toe that would eventually be (one presumed) Hathian wing-spurs.
Uniformly, however, they all had the infant curls of golden Hathian horns around their eyes — and they each had a single gem in the middle of their foreheads, too, set in a similar plate of keratin. He saw gems in opal-black, and others in opal-white. Females and males, as hydra blood displayed it, and yet not via hydra crowns. Schroeder mused on this as he looked upon them, identifying them as something much more delicate, less obtrusive than the heavy structure that weighted Nairyg’s ruling head.
Perhaps…diadems? He added a memo to the luminous screen of his datapad, saving the possible terminology for later.

A pair of greens — one light-bellied, the other dark — were the first to truly free themselves from their shells, perhaps aided by the way their eggs had rocked against each other. In the softness of the hatching bay moss, there was nothing to aid their efforts but each other, and they creeled with exhaustion as they squirmed into the world proper.
“Twezao…and Ttuocao,” their mother decided, pulling carefully from a mental list of names she and her mate had assembled beforehand, but that she had been stiffly unwilling to assign in advance. “And they’re staying right here,” Nairyg declared with certainty as the pair made good on a post-hatching doze, a few of her lesser heads shooting cold, violet glares towards the candidates.
As if to disprove her, then, it was one of the stockier hatchlings that was next to properly escape his egg and thump to the soft ground. There was no mistaking the reluctance with which she pulled a forefoot back to make it easier for the brass to see what lay beyond her protective embrace, but as soon as she had, he was toddling forward as determinedly as he was able. It was Eligor who picked him up as soon as he was in range, as if being the first to bond was his reward for that careful ‘please’ he alone of his group had used in seeking Nairyg’s permission to stand.
“...His name is Zesetej,” Nairyg said, watching carefully as the young demon carried her son to the tables where he might be fed.
Many more hatchlings emerged, some stayed to be with their mother while others escaped her like Esetej had done and bonded to the candidates. Then a lull in the cracking and snapping of shells allowed the low murmur of the crowd to roll over the gathering. People were excited, talking with animation over the leggy or chubby children that had already tumbled into the world. Nairyg looked as proud as any mother could be, curled around her remaining eggs with Lex leaning attentively over her shoulder. And then a single egg cracked with the sound of a thunderclap, pushing an entirely black hatchling out of it's shell that seemed to shock a lot of the people present. Nairyg cried out to save her hatchling from being killed and then had to watch helplessly as it headed to the very woman Nairyg feared would take it's life. Reassurances were made and the hatchling was returned without incident, allowing the hatching to continue.
Perhaps some of them were trying to make a hasty getaway, having taken their mother’s outburst as reason enough not to stick around any longer, or perhaps they had forgotten the occurrence already. Young minds were malleable but could also be resilient, bouncing back into focus on their simple needs as their instincts demanded them.
For the first time, two of the hatchlings almost moved together, though in truth it was just coincidence that they sensed the minds they craved in the same place at the same time. A dusty-pale muted red approached the draconic demon Bune, who knelt to study the newborn with eyes that matched the sharpness of the young pair regarding her now. She smiled, filing the new knowledge away as she heard Nairyg declare: “Her name is Jovo.”

Name: Jovo Na’carrah
Status: Bonded to Bune
Parents: 15-headed Silver hathydra Nairyg Na'carrah x Winter Solstice Hathian Mutt Tnalexan
Origin: Abstract Destiny (Clutch 23)

     *Sex: Female
     *Adult Height: 10’ at the shoulder
     *Colour: Red
     *Headcount: Twelve
Personality: Intellectual, Inflexible, Contemplative, and Restless. Jovo will not have seen enough of the universe even if she spends her entire life exploring. There is so much to learn and see and do, and she wants to experience all of it. She does not take well to sitting still, and patience is not in her vocabulary. Anything new must be studied in its entirety, and likely thought about for weeks afterward as well. Her greatest flaw is that once she gets an idea in her head, it’s very difficult to get her to change her mind.
     *Breath Weapon (Fire)
     *Snow Magic
     *Verbal Speech


Jovo matured to become a stunning pale red hathydra with 12 heads, some bald, others maned, with golden horns  and purple necks. Her large triple set of wings could not go unnoticed and was necessary to carry her during flight. Nor could her fluffy tail that seemed to scream luxury. Her voice was velvety smooth as she had learned a lot from her bond in the way of words.
"You were once so small." Bune told her often.
"All babies grow stronger." Jovo invariably answered.
"Is it time to leave?" Jovo then asked.
"I believe this time we must." Bune said.
The pull on her powers had become too great. Her lack of contact with her followers had surely done a number to her powers and she needed to re-source. So back to Gremyne was the only way to go. 
"Will we have to stay forever?"
Bune let her mind think for a while. She'd been gone for some years. Maybe smaller absences could be manageable in the future.
"I'll try to let you wander as much as you desire."
"Yesss." she couldn't contain a little hiss of happiness.


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