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Name: Buer
Gender: Male
Description: A very pale demon with large curved horns that point down and out, hair that is streaked brown and grey and eyes that are very disturbing with red sclera and black slits. His nose is very small and is hardly noticeable in profile. Buer often wears military uniforms and never leaves without a couple of weapons although he really doesn't need them. 
Personality: Buer is meticulous, precise and neurotic. Though he deals in sickness now, he himself is very big on hygiene. He often disinfects his hands and utensils, and has rituals at certain times during the day. He would have many more followers but his unsettling requests as payment for his services have caused many people to not bother with summoning him. Maybe this suits Buer just fine. 
Demon of: Sickness
Powers: Can both sicken and heal, using natural-occurring bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and poisons.
Original domain: Healing
Number of followers: 340


Buer returned to Gremyne but only after having visited every part of the Abstract Destiny he'd been allowed to enter. Though reluctantly at first, the ship's medical personnel had in the end allowed him entrance but only after strict rules had been set and forms had been signed. Though far from ironclad for a demon, Buer had not been interested in harming the patients. No-one had offered him anything for doing that so he wouldn't bother. If he still could he'd probably even have healed a few of them for the chance to see the technical advancements these people possesed.
He'd need to visit other places. He'd need to learn more. But first he needed to prepare.






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