"Bascil!!" Vyrusa yelled.
"What's wrong?"
"What's wrong?! Everything is wrong." she yelled back.
Bascil sighed and cursed the fact that human reproduction was such a messy and risky business. In their old days they had spawned many children without ever arguing, but somehow the reproduction in this form was harder on the female. Outside Tuberculosith bugled in sympathy for her rider. She too was harder on his little brown Tetnus. Although, little wasn't what he would call them anymore. They had grown big and powerful.
Bascil rushed towards his pregnant wife and shuddered as she looked at him.
"What took you so long?" she snarled.
"Two staircases and a trip round Tuberculosith, what do you need?" he asked. Humor he had learned, and respect were the best strategies to get through Vyrusa's moods.
"Warm water and a midwife. It's coming out!"
Bascil gasped for air as he noticed the pile of water. For a moment his mind was at a lost. He didn't know what to do, who to turn to and what to expect.
"The midwife." Tetnus said, laying a soft blanket of calm over his anxiety.
Bascil hurled out the door, down the two staircases and ended right smack on top of Tuberculosith who snarled and flapped her wings in dismay.

When he came back, tagging the midwife along, the two dragons were crooning.
"Hurry." Tuberculosith said and turned her head to the window.
Inside he could almost feel Vyrusa's pain through the combined link with their dragons. He was glad they filtered the worst part of it.
Up stairs he stood aside to let the midwife in, she went to the bed and started her work, silent. She remained calm as Vyrusa screamed. Bascil didn't. He hadn't known Vyrusa could scream like this and he had known her many years.
Finally Vyrusa stopped. The midwife held a tiny green-blue baby in her arms. Small as it was it could look around and focus his eyes.
Only after a few breaths and looks did the baby start screaming, as if to maintain some cover. Bascil could see this girl was going to be trouble.
"What's her name?" the midwife asked.
"Ebola." Vyrusa said and smiled at the babe.

(Images made smaller to fit slightly better. Hope no-one minds.)

Outside one red amoeba dragon desired to feel the same feeling her rider was feeling. She looked at her Brown amoeba friend and decided he wouldn't do.  She wanted her first time to be grand. Apocalyptic, like her own hatching had been. She wanted a Frenzy!
"Rider," she thought," I want to fly in the Valentine Frenzy."
This brought on several feelings. Vyrusa felt she might not be suitable for a frenzy since she had just given birth and was still looking bad. Bascil gasped for air as he thought of the possibility of Vyrusa and another, she was the most beautiful woman in Cy and he didn't want to loose her. Outside the brown amoeba Tetnus wasn't at all happy to be left out.
He started plotting a scheme... If his beloved Tuberculosith was flying in the Valentine Frenzy he sure could fly at another one. From that moment on Tetnus started looking for a suited flight. There was one at Ryslen that seemed interesting, but the clutch had filled before he had been able to enter it. Going about this without his riders knowing was hard. Bascil would never leave his Ebola alone. In fact the only flight he'd be free to enter would be one at Cy.
Six months he had to wait for an opportunity. It was a sunny day when he heard about the Bipedra Frenzy. In fact it was a hot day, the warmest of a heat wave when the news reached him. A frenzy for hydras and bipeds right here at Cy! Those were dark dragons and so was he. Plus all dragons from the Apocalyps clutch were invited.
Tetnus reared up and flew closer to the source of the news. The feeding grounds were arranged for a huge flight. And a dangerous one seeing the precautions the riders were taking. Wait a sec! If he got hurt (not badly, he'd watch out), and Tuberculosith saw it and liked him even the smallest bit. She'd come to his rescue! Of course she would come. She was his... ehm... what was his relationship to Tuberculosith anyway? Ahh, no-one cared. She'd come and he'd win her over, getting a hydra to hurt him wouldn't be hard. Good.
Now where could he sign up for this?