"Victory ahead!" Vyrusa screamed to Bascil as she turned away from the control-panel.
"Really? Is she about to give up?" Bascil asked.
"Yes, very much. She has gone through an endless amount of handkerchiefs and vicks breath mints. She will give up."
"I have learned never to underestimate humans....they tend to get immune."
"Bah, we get better every year aswell. That evens the odds."
"True, how many of our children have left the vessel already?"
"1,325,698,987 by now."
"We will be leaving soon anyway."
"Yes, but there is something addicting in weakening humans."

Vyrusa stood up and left the control-area of the ship. They were hiding in a rogue cell and hadn't been discovered yet, and if it was up to Bascil, none would find them. Bascil was chief of Defence in their little co-op, while she was the mastermind. She had been the one that had suggested they could team up. And he had willingly come along. It was highly unlikely for a virus and a bacil to work together, but it wasn't unheard of. But their long term relationship was new. They had been together for 8 years now, changing into different form every year.
Suddenly the ship rocked. Vyrusa was almost knocked down. This greatly annoyed her and she demanded in high voice to know what the meaning of this manoeuvre was.
"Weíve been found." Bascil answered
"How can that be? Weíve been very careful."
"Yes, but this human apparently grew paranoid on us and made up a whole lot of white blood cells in the silent time weíve been having."
"Drats! Can we get away?"
"Iím trying, but I'll need your expertise in vascular biology. Iím a little rusty."
Vyrusia jumped back into her seat near the control-panel and manically started to push buttons. The little rogue cell drifted off in the bloodstream and wreaked havoc along the way, making it very hard for the white blood cells to follow.
But there were so many of the little pale cells that the rogue cell eventually was cornered. Vyrusa looked a bit frightened at Bascil.
"It was an honour of working with ..." She started.
"I canít believe youíd think I have nothing planned for a situation like this!"
"So there is a way out?"
She dared to ask
"Yes, but it is a one way deal. Iíll have to push the red button."
Vyrusa sighed.
"Youíve been going on about that red button since I met you. What does it do?"
"It will eject us from the body, by warping. However, when we do this, we will be altered, how it will work or to what, I donít know...."
"Well, donít sit there, hit it! It will be better than being digested!"

"True. Sayonara." Bascil said as he pressed the red button.

Bascil opened his eyes. He looked around and didnít understand quite what had happened. He felt all funny. He tried to move himself, but it didnít work like before.
"Vyrusa?" He said.
"Vyrusa, how come I sound weird?"
"Because you are!"
Her reply came back. "You arenít you anymore. And by the sound of it, neither am I."
"That must be the side-effects of pushing that button."
"You better not have killed us!"
Vyrusa yelled.
"Now I clearly remember you stating anything was better than getting digested."
"Yes, but that was then, this is now."

He groaned and worked himself up. He had some instincts about how to move himself, but he didnít know how he knew that....it was so unlike moving before. Bascil looked down and nearly choked as he saw legs. He had only seen them while the team was flying outside hosts.
Vyrusa noticed his distress and asked: "Now what? I canít get up, so I canít see a thing!"
"I have legs! And arms...and...." He stuttered as he inspected himself "I think Iím human now!"
"No way! Let me see!!"

Bascil got up and clumsily walked over to Vyrusa.
"You aren't your normal self anymore either. You look quite human to me too. We seem to have kept our colours though." He motioned to her bluish skin and his green complexion.
"Iíll help you up." He took her arms and managed to get her up.
"Donít you feel like you know how to move? I did."
She swayed a bit on her feet and then stood upright. "Ah yes!"
"Letís describe each other to see hat has changed...I canít see all of me. I think we know enough about humans to do that."
"Ok, I see a man who is bigger than me, which is unfair, because I used to be the biggest. You have the same green colour and black fur on your head. Weird. I wonder what all these things do."
She said while looking down on her body.
"I wouldnít know, but weíll find out soon enough. Ok, I see a girl, a young one as far as I can judge, with a pale blue skin and red fur..."
"K, now that we have established that, what do we do now?"
"Well, you remember when I said warp out? I donít know where we are. We could be anywhere."

After a good hour of walking through strange surroundings they got to a high tower.
"Weird" Vyrusa said. "I wonder who lives here, it's so big."
"Well, someone does, so we might ask for help."
They knocked on the door and waited....and waited....and waited. Finally the door opened and a man came out.
"Sorry to have kept you waiting, but we've been busy with the clutch. You aren't from around here, I can see that. Well, we'll take good care of you, just tell us what you need."
"Some water and food would be nice."
Bascil said.
"Simple, I like that!" the man said "All our candidates are treated with respect, no matter where they come from."
"Candidates for what?"
"The apocalypse clutch naturally! We've been searching high and low on every possible planet for candidates for it. You mean you aren't here for the clutch?"
"Well, we might stay for it, we are a bit lost right now and at a new beginning."
"I like that, a new beginning and the end of all history."
"Sure, I'll give you guys a tour and then you decide if you stay on."

Of course they did.

Bascil and Vyrusa impressed at The Apocalypse Clutch of Cy DragonStake!!
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