Dirty Dancing

"Wait up." Anja called to Megan who was walking down the Ladeuze Square a bit ahead.
Anja, an outgoing, brown-haired girl, had met Megan, a bombshell redhead, at their local dance school. Both of them were students and had started taking classes there to unwind from the stress of studying and taking classes. Exam season was approaching and Anja had wanted nothing more than to leave the stress behind and to just shake loose on the dance floor. Parties were organised on Thursday evenings however and since today was Monday, she'd have some time to go. Taking a dance class was the next best option.
Megan had turned around and was waiting for Anja to catch up. 
"You going to class?" Megan asked.
"Yeah, I think we might be headed for the same one."
"Oh, you're finally taking up burlesque?" Megan teased, "It'll do your dancing some good."
"Hey, I've got moves." Anja retorted.
"Sure you do. You can shake your booty quite well." Megan giggled.
"You just shake your tits around." 
"No no no, I use all of my womanly wiles to sell an image of sexy without strings."
"Leave it to the psychologist-to-be to describe flashing your skin like that."
"They flash more skin on a beach these days." Megan smiled, "But the kick I get from it is so amazing. I'm addicted."
"Well maybe I'll find out for myself tonight." Anja answered.
Megan wondered about that. Though Anja loved dancing, it basically came second to finding a lover for the night. She wasn't one to dictate how others should live their lives though and concentrated on the class to come. Anja would be in for a surprise though since they'd be working on the more traditional sexy dances today... and that Cancan took quite a bit of energy and flexibility to perform. 
Anja pulled open the doors of the dance studio and entered the reception room. The place had lockers, some curtains that could be closed for changing clothes and most importantly, a comfy couch area where people could wait until their classes started. 
But the waiting area was currently occupied by a Latin dance student by name of Roy. Roy needed every bit of practice time he could get since he would be entering a contest right before exams. So if he was 15 minutes early, honey, he'd be using that nice wood floor to practice his Chacha. As he shimmied back he crashed into the women and had to scramble to stay up.
"Watch it." he growled, "What if I fall and break an ankle."
"Must I remind you that you crashed into us?" Anja sneered back, like hell she'd be talked down to by this drama queen.
"If not for Anja, You'd have crashed into the door." Megan added but in a softer tone.
Roy calmed down. His nerves were frayed because of the upcoming contest and exams. Looking at the clock, he saw that he still had 10 more minutes before the next class change. And here he had two potential partners to practice a tango with.
"I guess I need to thank you." he said, "How about a Tango to lighten te mood?"
"The tango is hardly a light dance." Megan smirked, but Anja took the bait and said: "Show me how good you lead."
"Be careful Roy, she's practically a novice." Megan warned.
"So I won't dip deep." Roy said, having faith in his physical strength. Anja didn't look like she'd be all that heavy, she was also smaller than Megan which fit his frame better. 
Roy switched the music on his phone and let the air of the tango take over the room. He took hold of Anja and was surprised when he felt no reservations and she instantly draped herself over his arms and chest. Well at least she had the spirit. He led her through the basic steps and found that she could keep up with those. The moment he stepped up to interpretations and elaborations he felt that Anja had a lot left to learn. Still it wasn't bad to train with a novice to see how good his own lead was.
The music stopped and Roy grinned as he said: "That actually went better than I expected."
"Hey!" Anja said.
"Take the praise Anja." Megan said, "Coming from Roy that's saying a lot. He's practically a celebrity."
"Want to try another dance?" she asked Roy, knowing how tense he would be. And he was a dream to dance with, even if she always was a bit worried he might ask her to lead for a dance. Ballroom wasn't her style and she wouldn't know where to start. Though the thought had her a bit excited as well. Megan didn't really believe in gender-roles. 
Before Roy could answer, the door opened again and a loud base entered, followed by Lisa, a tanned, blonde-haired woman wearing leather pants, a leather jacket and army boots. She'd finished her break dance class that took place out back on the courtyard and still felt hyped up. Coming in to a room with classical music playing clashed so much with her current mood and energy that she lashed out.
"No dancing in the waiting room." She called.
Roy gave her a death glare and replied catty: "And who's the one bringing in the loud drum and base?"
"At least that's music." Lisa retorted.
Roy looked ready to have a heart attack, Anja seemed to be ready to swing a bit on the beat and Megan really didn't know if she dared cutting the music and risk another eruption from Lisa. 
Lisa glowered and dropped down on the couch. She was in a terrible mood and felt like the whole world should suffer. She'd broken up with her girlfriend of 2 years and she hadn't seen it coming. Lisa'd thought they'd been doing ok, had thought about moving in together after they graduated... but apparently Evelien had not. To make matters worse, Evelien had broken up because she felt Lisa was just too masculine... which was exactly what had attracted her in the first place. 
Lisa's mood dipped even deeper and she opened her mouth, ready to spout out her darkest deepest thoughts on the world and everyone in it, when a door opened and the high voices of the Bee-Gees sang out: "ah-ah-ah-ah staying alive!". 
Lisa groaned and covered her ears. She just couldn't take any happy music right now. But shutting out the music didn't work when the person exiting the dance studio was a dark chocolate man with muscles in all the right places, and apparently lacking in modesty as all he was wearing were bright orange hot pants, a yellow T that seemed to be a size too small and a set of metal and glass necklaces and chains. 
Barry turned around and came face to face with 4 grinning faces.
"What's up?" he asked and then, turning to Lisa, "Dude, you look awful."
"Shut up." Lisa sighed.
He pulled her up and said, "Disco a bit, no-one can stay sad in the disco."
Barry grabbed the girl by the hand and felt he could understand where she was coming from. Though he'd grown up in a warm family, he was still different from most of his classmates because of the colour of his skin. The rural town of Boom didn't have many migrants when he'd been younger though lately Blacks, Asians and Middle-Eastern people weren't all that uncommon anymore. Being different would always be difficult and when you felt down the only thing that would help you was to let it out and dance. By the smell of Lisa, she'd been doing just that but clearly break-dancing wasn't as effective as disco.
"Listen to this Barry, she said only drum and base was music, everything else was noise." Megan ratted.
"Now I know you were kidding when you said that." Barry grinned, spinning her into his chest while he raised his arm to point.
As he snapped his fingers a weird thing happened and next thing they knew they were somewhere different and alien. Strangers, not all of them looking right, were staring at them and someone said:
"Oh, it appears we've gotten in some more candidates." 

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