Lantessama Isle - Shadow Dragons

Shadow Dragons lay small clutches, about 5 eggs a time. The Male-Female Ratio is quite odd. One out of each hundred Black Souls is a female, these odds were raised by genetically splicing them with dragons, but it is still very unlikely that a clutch contains a female, and never more than one per clutch. The little Shadowlings look like dense balls of black fuzzy fur. They are cold to the touch and sleep about 20 hours a day, only to awake in the middle of the night to eat. As they mature they grow larger and more defined. Shadowlings usually have red eyes. 
Shadow Dragons don't understand the difference between right and wrong and will behave almost like dogs when it comes to obedience, anything that will please their master is good, though the larger ones tend to have a preference for the dark acts.

Shadow Dragons come in two stages and three species: 
    LAND (lean for running with ears) with well-developed instincts and hearing.
    WATER (flippers) with serpentine bodies and a love for mayhem.
    AIR (wings and horns) able to work magic from seeing distance.
Let me point out that all shadows can move through air, the type is just a way of describing their physique. They're insubstantial after all. Type might have a bit to do with where they feel best, but all shadows can move in water, on land and through the sky.

(preview: Land Medium)

Since the black souls were spliced with Pernese dragon DNA, they evolved a type of ranking based on size:
    FEMALE: Rarest and highest in ranking. They're
very big and vicious. They need a strong hand to guide them, and a lot of food to grow up.
                         They possess magic (fly between dimensions, turn invisible, shoot lightning). When trained they can learn spells (rare)
    BLACK: The darkest of the males, these shadowlings like to break things. With the right bond they can destroy worlds. (uncommon)
    BRILLIANT: With white eyes, these shadowlings can create fire out of thin air and need a strong bond to control them. (uncommon)
    BIG: Big and strong, but slow. These shadowlings like to test the waters before they act. They have great powers of telekinesis. (common)
    MEDIUM: Average in both size and powers. They'll need great training if they want to catch a female. (very common)
    SMALL: Small and agil, these shadowlings are stealth experts. They also have a knack for disguising themselves. (common)
    WEAK: These shadowlings have more dragon in them, giving them more colour but weaker powers. (rare)

And then there are the TRUE CHAOTICS. So evil they aren't even on the charts. There has only been one clutch with True Chaotics in it and never again will there be another now that all shadow-related experiments have been stopped after a small mishap with a true chaotic and a pocket dimension going haywire and trying to swallow the entire isle. This was fixed but at the great cost of a timeskip to present day.
True Chaotics are the descendants of Ersatz, a true black spirit that was shunned from her kind and was the first to bond a human. She appears to be no more harmful than a dragon, but inside she rages with lust for vengeance, not vengeance upon the humans of Lantessama, though she doesn't care for them, but vengeance against her fellow black souls. She wants to eradicate them and take over the Elsewhere in their place (yes, not just world dominion, but universal dominion, why settle for anything less?).
True chaotics grow with the amount of food they get. Drop them on a planet to devour whatever they want and they'll be adults before the week's end, if you feed them more like dragons (every day at first and then slowly reducing to once a week) then it will take about 2 years for them to reach adulthood.
True chaotics can't technically be ridden on since their body is composed of shadow and smog. However, they do teleport through the elsewhere. There are two ways to do this, either they teleport to an (envisioned) place, in which case they can take their rider along by engulfing them with the blackness of their body (not too nice an experience) or they can go in some state of hibernation and travel the elsewhere for long periods of time in order to find a new planet to cannibalise. Since there is not much air in the Elsewhere they cannot take their riders along for these travels.
As an unexpected side-effect from the gengineering some true chaotics were born with horns. These horned shadowlings apparently go for the vicious, cocky candidates with dark humour. (People that got them could only got one and they had to make the Laedrys laugh evilly or cringe.)

Read the Shadow Clutch Records.

At the end of this report is a small yellow sticker with a warning.
"Do not cross the door slightly down the hall that leads to where the shadow cavern once was. You'll be sorry."

Do you dare venture into the Aquarium?