Lantessama Isle - Aquarium

The walls of one of the outer mountains suddenly turns green-blue in a freak play of light. This looks interesting. You go a bit closer and see if you can spot the origin of the colours. A stairwell, lighted in the whirling colours spirals down. This must be one of the passages to the sea. You remember the shadow cavern and decide you better be careful lest some strange shadowy beast is waiting below.
When you step from the last step to the floor however you see a large cave with some tanks. Inside you see flashes of colours. Suddenly the water in the tanks seems to boil and whirl as whatever is inside them tries to get out.
'Careful!' a deep voice shouts.
'What for?' you ask as the echo still roams the cavern.
'The dragonders...'
'What are those?'
'They are some kind of fish. They've been coming to the Isle since we opened the dragon adoptions. We haven't quite studied all their quirks and traits, but it seems they like to be around dragons. Some of our finders have even reported some of these following them when they are trying to get new candidates.'
'But what else can they do except float around in a tank?'
'You'd be surprised. These fish have enough mental energy to form a bubble of water to carry them outside their tanks. That's why we keep them locked up, Every dragon would be swamped by them! Some sadly have learned to transport using the Elsewhere so we aren't quite free of them.'
'Are they dangerous?'
'Not really, they can talk to dragons. The few dragons that have interacted with them say they are friendly and somewhat nosey, but not evil. They just follow them around.'
'Is there any way to keep them away?'
'Firelizards usually do the trick. They run through the water with their claws causing the bubble to burst. I've heard the dragonders have been terrified of them since the first one tried it.'
'I think I'll take my chances with them...'
'Ok, remember they won't stick with you unless you have a dragon, or are around them often. If you need any more information, just come to me. My name is Herein.'

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