Lantessama Isle - Information

There are a number of different pets on Lantessama. All of them can bond to sentient beings (humans, elves, space aliens), but in general the bond is lighter than that of the bond with a dragon. Still, these creatures will share in your emotions and will generally understand what you're thinking. They need care and companionship and will be sad if left alone. Be sure not to overcrowd your pets. 
Pets can be taken away from Lantessama as gifts. They can re-impress and will if they're not treated right, or if they're just being cared for by a temporary caregiver. Sometimes eggs are given away as gifts. 

Flits, short for firelizards, are your basic mini dragons. They come in the same colours as the full-size dragons and take up a lot less room. They form a basic telepathic bond and like to be close to their bonders, usually hovering/flying around them or taking up perch on their shoulder. Flits are more playful than full-size dragons. They grow to be about the size of an adult human's arm in length (not counting the tail).

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Dragonders are extremely annoying little dragon-fish that can leave the water and follow people around in little bubbles. They like dragons very much (in fact they need them to survive) and will follow likely candidates around. They get born with with the instinct to be around Dragons and to achieve this develop powers unimaginable to common sense (they are just fish!). The downside to these fish is that they don't know when a person is taken. In the beginning people could be seen with a trail of 20 dragonders flying behind them. They don't need active care, but try taking a shower with all those eyes on you ;) The only known weapon against possible dragonder invasions are flits. With their long sharp claws and agile paws the flitters can burst the bubbles of any dragonder who tries to come close. 
Dragonders can and will travel through the Elsewhere, they form a basic telepathic bond with their intended and they will protect him or her as best they can. As they're mostly interested in being around a dragon, they in essention don't care about other pets. So these don't mind overcrowding. Dragonders come in two genders: male and female. You are free to chose what gender dragonder you impress. However we must ask you never to impress more males than females since they fight and wear out the females. 

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Fazzles are cute little plant-pets that you could adopt in the gazebo outside the greenhouse. They almost look like real flowers until you get really close. They're decently camouflaged with their large flowered heads and small sticky bodies. Fazzles are in fact plant dragons gone haywire. When plant dragon-babies leave their ground too soon they might become malnourished and small. But don't worry, these pets are just as fun as real plant dragons.
Currently the fazzles aren't actively being adopted out. But they might return in the future.

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