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Name: Ulla
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Description: Ulla is a fair-skinned woman with curly blond gair. She has green eyes, a bulbous nose and full lips. She has a normal build, not overly curvy nor slender. She keeps in shape but doesn't look very athletic. She usually wears her uniform with some leather breast or shoulder plates. Her dagger and sword are never far away.
Personality: Ulla is boisterous and energetic. She likes to go out for a drink and to barhop. She knows her limits though and will never lose sight of her duties. When someone is in trouble she will come to their aid while also keeping an eye out for potential scams or subterfuge. Ulla does have her weaknesses but she makes an effort to keep those hidden.
Family/Bio: Ulla sometimes jokes that she can trace her lineage to the Viking era and there might be some truth in that boast. Her family is certainly fair, big and blond and they put on muscle easily. As a child she made lots of friends and she easily navigated the social circles of the different races of humanoids in her vicinity. Instead of studying, Ulla started training for a more active profession and she was recently headhunted to join the Windchill expedition. So far she's enjoyed helping build the settlement.


Diplomatic missions were a given for any leader. Ulla jumped down from Cucurbita's back and gave the surroundings a once-over while Sunsparkle Reflection dismounted his plant drak. Ulla felt a bit silly since their High Prince was several times her age and could probably take care of any threats on his own. But protocol dictated he take a guard with him on these missions. Even if the guard in question was an unpaired young woman who'd only recently been hired.
But Ulla wouldn't be herself if she didn't put her best foot forward. She hastily found a person relatively in charge and introduced them while asking to be allowed to meet a person in charge for the diplomatic talks. The fae never made appointments and though Ulla felt rather embarrassed to be demanding an audience, she had been assured that they would get one.
And indeed, not half an hour later, she and Sunsparkle were led to a comfortable room where the High Princess of Honshu Drakhold - or whatever they called the equivalent position over here - waited. Ulla didn't bother following the actual talks. She was here to guard. So when a man rushed inside, she pulled her sword and was ready to defend.
"Kaurynel is requesting the aspirants to be brought before her and her draklings. They are ready to pair!"
Ulla relaxed slightly. It appeared they might attend a joyous occasion, but the human woman kept up her guard while they were led through the hold. The further they came, the more people joined them, causing Ulla some stress. But nothing happened and there were in fact draklings when they reached their destination.
Ulla hwas used to furrier than usual draks, but even so she noticed the pelt of fur that covered these from head to ankle. They had two curved horns and two sets of wings. While they waited for the draklings to pair, the diplomatic talks were forgotten. Ulla assumed they would continue later in the evening.
"I think I'd like to go with you." a voice said and when she looked up, she noticed a green-winged blue water drakling staring at her.
"Me?" she asked, "I'm not an aspirant, I'm on duty...."
Her objections aside, Sunsparkle pushed her toward the water dragon and said:
"Don't mind me. It's rude to refuse a lady."
With a last hesitant look to her liege, Ulla stepped closer to the drak.
"My name is Tanawel."
Behind her, Ulla could faintly hear Sunsparkle say: "She was slated to pair soon anyway, she'll go far."

Name: Tanawal ty Nelaaw Honshu
Gender: Female
: Water (Green-Blue with Opal markings)
Parents: Fire Opal Kaurynel x Aurora Drak D'phaliaaw Ty Miashaw Alamyr
Origin: Honshu Drakhold
Description: Furry all over with a thicker mane and tale
Personality: Soothing, caring and calm but with a humorous side to her.
     *Verbal Speech
     *Teleportation - Portal Based
     *Breath Weapon - Fire / Acid


Returning to WindChill after her training with Tanawel had finished and the drak was old enough to portal safely, Ulla felt a bit nervous. She'd been gone for a while and though there'd been communications and visits, she felt a bit like she'd been playing hooky.
"Stop squirming if you don't want to fall off." Tanawel teased.
"I tied myself securely to you." Ulla retorted.
"Oh, so then i can show off a bit?" Tanawel said and took a dive.
Ulla yelled as her stomach trailed behind in the realisation that they were descending. By the time the silly sensation abated, they'd touched down and people and draks were coming to see the new inhabitants. Some people Ulla knew, others were new and there were definitely more draks.
"I'm looking forward to working with you all." Tanawel said politely and then added playfully, "Tomorrow."
Ulla gave her drak a light elbow-nudge but had to agree that her duty could wait a couple more hours. Tomorrow would be soon enough to join one of the armadas and to be given the tour. Tonight seemed like they would get to have a little party to get to know everyone else and that suited her just fine.

Tanawel joined the Hail Armada as Knights
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Intro - Lantessama Isle
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