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Name: Tannis
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Description: Tannis is a slender woman of average build. She has long blond curly hair, grey eyes and a straight thin nose. She usually stands up straight but has a tendency to crouch a bit when she feels insecure as it is her usual fighting stance for keeping balance. 
Personality: Tannis is a mild, logical woman who prefers defence over offence. She is usually the soldier who stays at the back to guard the rear or to keep an overview of the battlefield to warn others of enemy moves. In her private life she enjoys spending quiet time with her pet dogs and leisurely walks across the village cavern. 
Family/Bio: Tannis was born to two mercenaries so her direction in life was not really surprising. She was mostly raised in barracks or training camps and from a young age helped with the logistics of the armies. She received an eclectic upbringing which means she is as comfortable doing spreadsheets (ordering supplies) as she is fighting. 
Pets: 2 hunting dogs called Yip (m) and Janni (f).  
Drak: Ore
Yogurth Caelumpictor (f) from the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux


Tannis walked at the base of the cliffs that housed WindChill and heard the excited yipping of her dogs nearby. The warrior on leave went to investigate. She wasn't especially on her guard as nobody was really expecting trouble, but it never hurt to check. It might just be a stray animal but it could be someone intending harm. Or it might be someone in trouble. 
Tannis reached the treeline and had to locate her dogs by sound. They didn't exactly sound agitated, more excited. 
"Ok kids, what did you find?" she asked.
"Me." a golden yellow drak with long horns and grey wings answered.
Tannis took a step back, she had not been expecting a drak. And though these duowinged dragons were usually friendly to humans they could still kill a human with a single shot of acid spit. Tannis knew that the settlement leader, Sunsparkle Reflection, was sending out elves and humans to pair these creatures as a way to strengthen the settlement. But Tannis had not been told that draks might be visiting them.
"Are you looking for someone?" she asked cautiously.
"I was told I might find shelter and lodgings here. I've been travelling for almost my entire life and I wanted to stick around for a while. Going to Icarus seemed to be a bit of a stretch since I wasn't born there and then someone told me of this place."
"That's honest." Tannis replied.
"Or I'm a good storyteller." 
Tannis shook her head, "I was testing you with that one."
"Of course." 
"I'm Tannis, one of the mercenaries tasked with guarding WindChill."
"Yogurth, daughter of Vabanith and Fyrrieldur, nice to meet you."
The ore drak knew she'd be sticking around, and especially spending time getting to know this human warrior.

Name: Yogurth Caelumpictor
Gender: Female
Colour: Ore
Species: 50% Drak, 50% Makanan/Iulerbrilan
Silver-Gold Air Makanan/Iulerbrilan Vabanith Caelumpictor x Holiday Drak Fyrrieldur
Personality: Very stable and orderly, but goes all out for holidays and festivals. 
     *Acid Spit 
     *Bubble Breath 
     *Rapid Language Learning 
     *Shapeshifting (Human) 
     *Verbal Speech 
     *Water Majyck


Yogurth dove from the cliff opening and soared through the air. On her back, Tannis whooped. The ore drak had lived at WindChill for the past three months. Her time here had been pleasurable and with the community still so small she could feel that the High Prince and Princess really wanted her to join their armada. 
"What are you thinking about?" Tannis called.
"Wondering whether or not I should join the armada." Yogurth called back.
"What's keeping you from accepting?" Tannis asked.
Yogurth grinned, figuring that Tannis was probably trying to gauge her interest. Maybe she would brief her superiors. Maybe she should be bold although that wasn't really her usual way of dealing with things. But was she really that uncertain of the human's reply? She didn't think so.
"It all depends whether or not my intended knight will accept my offer to form a team.
"Who were you thinking of?" Tannis asked.
Did she sense a hint of worry in her voice?
"You of course." 
Tannis remained quiet as the words sank in and then she called loudly: "I accept!"

Yogurth joined the Snow Armada as Knights
Mate: --


Intro - Lantessama Isle
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