Misty Fog Clearing

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Name: Misty Fog Clearing
Nickname: Misty
Age: 204
Gender: Agender
Description: Misty has dark skin, long white hair and bright yellow eyes. A long straight nose, thin lips and some wrinkles complete the picture. Though already quite up in age, Misty enjoys following fashion and donning bright and lively colours. With a lithe build and short stature, some wonder if Misty might have some pixie ancestors. 
Personality: Misty has been around the block, a couple of times even. Nothing is enough by being experienced only once. Misty enjoys going back for additional trials and getting to the bottom of things. As someone who can cast illusionary spells, Misty can come across as a bit mysterious and stand-offish. Never showing what's in hand or in the back of the mind. 
Family/Bio: Misty has travelled far and wide but felt it was time to stay put for a while. Discovering and helping to build a whole new settlement seemed to be something interesting.  
Pets: -- 
Drak: Fire Opal Ethel from
The Warren


Misty Fog Clearing, Misty for short, looked at the tracks some of the human hunters had found. Misty's respect for the humans grew as he saw the intricate spells woven in the trap. Subtle and ingenious the tracks were meant to capture the attention of those most perceptive and then lead them astray. That Patrice had been able to see through the subterfuge meant he was a good hunter indeed. He'd be a good knight when he returned with a drak in tow. 
Misty stretched and looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The wind blew gently through the trees. Somewhere in the vicinity a bird was singing. Misty figured he'd best disable the trap and get to the bottom of this. His mind rejoiced as finding a new puzzle was one of his favourite pastimes. 
Misty cast a glamour on himself and within a heartbeat the dark-skinned elf with the flashy clothing was hidden from sight. Just to be safe the illusionary mage cast a barrier around himself and then he went hunting for magic. 
Hours passed but Misty got closer and closer to the origin of the tangled web of subterfuge. Thread upon thread was straightened and dismissed until he was left with one. It led Misty to a clearing that was again completely ordinary. Misty knew better than to enter into the ring of trees and attempted to dispel it's magic from the edge. 
Sweat beaded on his brow and he had a hard time keeping up his barrier as the trap refused to budge. It was ancient indeed. Likely long overdue to be taken down and seemed to almost have a mind of it's own. But eventually the trap ran out of power and WindChill was once again safe. 

Upon returning to the cliffs, another peculiar sight caught Misty's gaze. Fog or smoke rising from the forest might not mean anything, but the danger of fire was real. Misty changed course and weaved through the trees. His fears grew as a distinct orange glow seemed to colour the surroundings. 
Approaching with caution, Misty did notice the absence of the acrid smell of smoke which gave him pause. With how the wind blew, he should be smelling smoke if there was any. Fog however was another thing. The elf mage knew just how much tendrils of fog could seem to be alive. 
"Who goes there?" A voice called out.
"Misty Fog Clearing, who hails me?" he returned.
"Ethel, of the Warren on Tris'hath."
Misty recognised the name. WindChill had made contact with another elf settlement called Icehearth. They people and knights there had opted to build their home in reality. And like most places, WindChill had a way of reaching it. Humans were mostly bespelled to not find these portals but apparently draks could pass through. 
For as Misty stepped closer he finally could see that the orange glow he'd spotted had come from a drak. Her hide glowed with the colour of fire, her wings bore an iridescent sheen of opal gems and her eyes leaked steam. Ethel was a sight to behold.
"I didn't expect to meet a drak out here when you could fly up to our castle." Misty said and pointed to where the cliff walls were clearly visible.
"I feared showing up unannounced would not come across well." Ethel reasoned, "I believe I quite overstepped when I entered this place. I might have broken some things."
"No-one will fault you for a mistake of our own making. We should have calculated for that. It will be rectified."
"That's much appreciated."
Ethel's steam intensified and Misty wondered if she was blushing as the humans did. Now that his fears were eased, Misty figured he might as well turn in and get some food. His day had been quite strenuous.
"If it would help, I can make you a formal introduction?" he offered.
"I might just take you up on that offer." Ethel gracefully accepted. 

Name: Ethel 
Gender: female 
Colour: fire opal 
Parents: Fire Opal Kaurynel x Water Opal Androth
Species: 1/2 Drak, 1/2 Pernese
Origin: The Warren (Tris'Hath)
Description: A peculiar half drak with one set of large wings and one smaller set. Her mane is on the shorter side but she'll hardly feel the cold at all. Somehow the mix of her parents gifted Ethel with an internal heat source that was mostly noticeable through the steam leaking from her eye sockets. People at the Warren had dubbed her and her siblings "steam opal draks". 
Personality: Very imaginative, Timid, Warm and Silly. Ethel is a fun dragon to be around. She finds adventure in everything and will never shy away from a bad joke. A bad person mind you... She takes a long time to warm up to strangers.


It wasn't much later when Ethel realised she was feeling quite cosy at WindChill. People might find it a cold place but she didn't have a problem with that. She'd spent many an hour talking with Misty and they matched well. Sometimes she wondered whether or not his polite mannerisms were an act but the more time passed Ethel came to realise that it was just his nature. It was too late now to drop her prim and proper lady act but maybe she could gradually loosen up. 
Aside from the company, it was nice to live in a new place. She still had access to her birthground and could travel to other places if she so wished. A whole new world was opening up to her and it hadn't even involved a magic carpet. Ethel grinned at the thought of such unnecessary devices. No, she could fly free. 
That is to say on the days that she wasn't busy helping out at WindChill. She had just made up her mind about joining the armada here after all.  

Misty and Ethel joined the Snow Armada as High Knights
Mate: ??


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