Subtle Melody

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Name: Subtle Melody
Age: 114
Gender: Female
Description: Melody is a stylish elf with a pale skin and dark wavy hair that she meshes with pink. She has large eyes and long eyelashes, a straight nose and pointy ears. Melody is of average height and build for an elf. She enjoys wearing different textures in her clothing (fur, feather, shells,...)
Personality: Melody is the high knight of culture and she will live up to her name. She is an artist, social butterfly and general busybody. She will keep herself busy interrogating people on what they lack or want for and will try to establish a rich environment that will help heal the soul and soothe the spirit. 
Family/Bio: Youngest daughter of an elven couple that is not all that amorous. They are supportive of their children but at their age, they can fend for themselves. Melody paired her drak-hybrid some years ago and was an easy choice to join the expedition to establish WindChill. They are an easygoing pair who like to tease each other (and others) but not to the extent of being mean. Both of them want people to be happy and content. 
Pets: --
Bond: Day Daridawda Ventul (f) from Dragon Pact

: Optimistic, cheerful and energetic, Daridawda supports her rider unerringly. 
Abilities: Flight | Telepathy | Teleportation | Verbal Speech | Breath Weapon - Acid Spray | Healing Magic | Telekinesis
Species: 1/4th Drak, 1/4th Mirus, traces of Makana Asandus, Lvarian, Ryshathian & Senaerren lineage
Parents: Mehada Ventul x Z'mariaaw ty Miashaw Alamyr

Dariawda and Subtle Melody are High Knights of the Forst Armada and in charge of culture
Mate: --


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