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Name: Joseph Cloudwalker
Age: 72
Gender: Male
Description: Joseph is an elderly human man with dark, chocolate brown, weathered skin, white curly hair and amber eyes. He has a large, pronounced nose and thick lips. He is on the thin side, with protruding bones. Despite his fragile appearance, he is a fit and agile man who does not seem to be bothered by the ailments so many of his age suffer from. Joseph prefers to wear clothes of a formal nature, his outfits are a bit outdated. 
Personality: Joseph is a perceptive man with a clear vision of how he feels the world should be. He is headstrong and just, very aware of his own prejudice and preferences. His rulings take time, but all who come to ask his advice know that when he finally presents his verdict, it will be well rounded and without loopholes or mistakes. 
Family/Bio: Joseph has no surviving family. His parents and only sibling died in a pandemic when he was only a youth. Joseph never married and lived for his work. He is retired but gladly accepted the elves' proposal to join them in WindChill to keep the peace and help judge both elves and humans to ensure that no-one feels discriminated against. As a boon, Joseph might be getting access to some elven sorcery to prolong his life. Intrigued by the plans for the settlement, Joseph agreed. 
Pets: -- 
Drak: Mud Brihade (m)
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Personality: A perfectionist with insight in human (and elf!) nature. 
Brihade and Joseph are Judge of Frost Armada
Mate: --


Intro - Lantessama Isle
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